Sunday, September 11, 2016

President Trump - Get Used To It

I'll go so far as to say it's been a remarkable US presidential election campaign so far. Something that boggles my mind (not that hard to do, really) happens every day, although I'm skeptical when I hear comments like we're "entering a new phase". We're still the same species as we always were, and part of that is that we don't adapt very well to change, and having as the first serious presidential contender in a long time who hasn't been pre-approved by the Capitalist class and its media enablers, who after today is starting to look like a sure thing, is a big change. So what am I saying? Do things change or not? Well, even if all you do is sit and stare out the window you're always entering a new phase of sitting and staring out the window, but my oh my what goes by sometimes.

In looking for video of Hillary Clinton "buckling" and "almost collapsing" after the 9/11 ceremony in New York City today I found this video, and the person who posted it, called "Anti Esquerda," wrote in the notes: "this channel is from Brazil , but I sent this video here because youtube of north america , are removing this video , and also facebook."

(Update: an even better video is now posted at Real Clear Politics, a mainstream media site, which includes a close-up of a "mysterious piece of metal" falling out of Clinton's pants leg. When the different videos of the collapse started rocketing around social media, and #HillarysHealth began trending on Twitter, the Clinton campaign quickly released the statement saying she has pneumonia. "Collapse" was quickly replaced in headlines with "pneumonia." It was impressive to see, but some are saying Hillary is toast and I tend to agree. She was falling off in the polls already, down to a 3.1 advantage at Real Clear Politics the main poll aggragator.)

Does Hillary have Parkinson's Disease? A doctor who is not a Clinton fan has put together many video clips of her doing things like jerking and freezing up, things he says correspond to symptoms of the disease and reactions to the medication that treats it.

And someone tweeted out this several years old cartoon by conservative cartoonist AF Branco, saying it seemed apropos today.

This national anthem scene from a professional football game today also doesn't seem to have been covered by the mainstream media but citizen journalists are spreading it around.

 My favorite comment of the day though comes from stand up comedian Emma Haney. If you're not familiar with Twitter, the little symbols across the bottom color themselves in when you yourself have clicked on the tweet to "like" it (the heart) or to "re-tweet" (the circled arrows) the tweet. Although she has over 25,400 followers you can see that just four people have said they like it, including me, and one person has retweeted Emma's tweet, me.



  1. I saw the video, no doubt she had an "episode". We will see what the media finds out.

    The right wing media has been harping on Hillary 24/7/365 for well over a year. They just do not quit. Hard to understand that they do not have more of an impact than they do for all of the time they spend tearing her down. Seems like they have one outfit after another looking into one thing or another that she does or has done.

    What could they dig up on you and I if they spent resources like they do for Hillary.

    But no matter what, we will end up with one hell of a president.... Maybe even a clown president.

    1. Ha! I have a friend who helps me out sometimes, a retired union truck driver, a Hispanic guy who in saying he doesn't pay attention to politics used the phrase "these two clowns they have running now."

      I agree with all that NM but have you watched that other video put together by the doctor? I haven't had time to check him out, whether he's even a doctor, but he's put together quite a few clips of her doing weird things. Things like unexpected questions or sudden movements make her start having spasms. It's probably why she doesn't have press conferences. She also freezes up sometimes and there's always a guy nearby who jumps in and knows know how to make her recover.

      It's happened before. Roosevelt was near death when he was elected to his fourth term and the media helped conceal it. Reagan was already losing it in his second term and we had no idea.