Saturday, September 24, 2016

George Galloway

The inimitable George Galloway is back, hosting a program called Sputnik on RT, the Russian government owned CNN-type network. On his show the outspoken British politician and long time friend of the Palestinians and other victims of western imperialism, who was again voted out of the parliament in 2015 and is universally despised and derided by UK establishment figures including on the Left, interviews oppositional figures and comments on current UK politics.

RT, originally Russia Today, doesn't fare much better than Galloway even in its Wikipedia article which slams it for having a pro Russian editorial posture, although in reality RT does nothing that CNN, CBS, NBC and the rest of the US networks and print media do willingly for the US government and for free. It gives the Russian side of things, and less insidiously than the US media does when it uncritically promotes US foreign policy propaganda while it poses as being neutral. Remember the US media's drum beat coverage that helped lead us into the Iraq War Iraq war, the non existent weapons of mass destruction the US media told us existed, etc.?

RT has gained some reach in the US by giving a platform to people like Galloway, Larry King,  Thom Hartman, Ed Schultz and Pulitzer Prize winning former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges, whose views the US media doesn't care to hear. Galloway started off in the UK's Labour Party but was tossed out of it by Tony Blair for criticizing Blair and the Labour leadership when they were taking Labour to the right like top Democrats have done to the Democratic Party in the US. He later joined the small Respect Party and ws elected to parliament again. Galloway is also known for his contentious interviews on mainstream media outlets like this one with SKY News, the Rupert Murdoch owned UK equivalent of the Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News in the US. The first 27 seconds of this clip is classic Galloway.

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