Monday, September 5, 2016

Native Resistance To Fracking And Pipelines Is Growing Rapidly

I noticed in this article in Telesur that Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez are at the protests taking place in the Dakotas and Iowa trying to stop a fracked oil pipeline that will cross the Missouri River just upstream from where some of the tribes in the area take all their water. Begaye and Nez know well what can happen. I was talking to a Navajo the other day, a supervisor where I deliver in the morning, and she said the big NAPI farm south of Farmington is shut down. They can't use the water from the river that the EPA polluted with water from an old mine last year.

That was shocking news. That's a big, big commercial farming operation up there covering many square miles. So that's why they've sued the EPA.

Anyway these protests in the Dakotas and Iowa are all over Twitter, partly because some security guards on hire from the pipeline company have been using dogs and mace on the protestors, apparently thinking well hell it's just some Indians. But the thing about social media though is that people already know the security guards names and their names and photos are circulating widely on the internet right now.

The New York Times has been transcribing verbatim the remarks of the sheriff up there that it's the protestors who are being violent, but that' being overwhelmed by social media and if what's been happening in these cases holds to form the Times will have to quickly change its tune. Quite a few people were bitten by dogs including one young child.


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