Friday, September 30, 2016

One Of The Coercive Arms Of The State

For citizens it's illegal to commit any kind of violence. Government reserves for itself a monopoly on the right to commit violence, and our government is steadily ratcheting up its violence and violent capabilities and we are the objects. This picture, below, from today is how the government is dealing with peaceful protesters who don't want a pipeline ripping up their land and crossing the river that's their primary source of water.

This tactic, of treating we, the citizens, as enemies that have to be met with shows of military force, is exceedingly common now, a daily occurrence all across the country, and the federal government continues to hand out millions in military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, to legal killers who have eliminated 858 of us so far this year after the 1,207 they snuffed out last year and the 1,111 of us they neutralized the year before that.

The police have been given carte blanche to treat us as the enemy by a political class that pays for it all and then stands back and watches the violence unfold. Name one politician who has said one thing about cops becoming an army deployed against the citizens they represent.

We are a sick damn country and it matters not one damn whit who the next president is. This trend of worsening state violence will continue and the most violent and most massive death machine ever created called the US military will continue to destroy countries and kill the people who live in them by the hundreds of thousands.

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  1. Nope, it matters not one damned whit. I think I saw a whole herd of whits standing in line down at the unemployment office on Thursday, some wearing Hillary buttons and some wearing M.A.G.A. caps.

    I have a friend in Arizona who saw a local "Patriot / Militia" fellow all duded-up in cammo gear who said he was on his way to a drill, preparing with dozens of like-minded people for the civil war that will begin on November 9th if Hillary wins. Those guys are plenty scary, but no scarier than our government (at multiple levels) seems to be getting these days.