Thursday, September 1, 2016

Roseanne And Donald Trump

In one of the more bizarre twists in this bizarre season domestic goddess and ultra liberal Roseanne Barr is promoting Donald Trump for president. If you go to her Twitter feed -- @therealroseanne -- pro Trump and anti Hillary posts are all over the place.

Roseanne early in the year was for Bernie Sanders but soured on him when he began to talk about the plight of the Palestinians. Roseanne is a die hard supporter of Israel, a fanatic supporter -- I mean, one of those who when anyone says anything in support of the Palestinians it's anti semitism in her book -- but since she's Jewish I've always overlooked it. That kind of support for Israel from a Jew is understandable to me.

I've always liked Roseanne's comedy but wasn't a big fan, but then started checking in on her now and again after she started doing a radio program on the Los Angeles Pacifica station, KPFK, that I heard now and then when I was going to California a lot. It wasn't an especially good show, and after awhile she started phoning it in from Hawaii where she lives, and then it just petered out, but I liked it that she put her star power behind Pacifica. And although it was the typical drive time talk show and she espoused mainstream liberal viewpoints most of the time, now and she'd make offhand mentions that made it sound like she might be a socialist at heart, or at least had that favorable if naive view of socialism that a lot of 1960s radical had, and that I had for many years before I started getting serious about educating myself and began to think of myself as more of an actual socialist.

Something about Roseanne being all in for Donald Trump, though, gives me a sinking feeling. I don't want my leftist icons being for Trump. In fact I'm feeling a little ill. I don't want Trump. I don't want Hillary. I don't want Jill Stein. I don't want Gary Johnson. I want George Washington.

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