Saturday, September 17, 2016

Snopes: Hillary's Health Is Just Fine More Or Less

I recently posted a link to a YouTube video put together by Ted Noel, a doctor in Florida, in which he shows clips of Hillary Clinton sometimes acting spasmodic or appearing to blank out -- the above clip is one of the spasmodic episodes -- and in his video Noel says she's exhibiting signs on Parkinson's Disease. The urban myth busting/fact checking web site has weighed in on Noel's claims and gives them its False label.

Snopes notes that Noel isn't qualified to make that diagnosis because he's an anesthesiologist. In common parlance that's the guy who puts you to sleep before an operation. Basically it's a doctor who specializes in treating pain.

Snopes has a good reputation but in this case I don't think Snopes refuted Noel so much as gave some valid alternative explanations for some of Clinton's behavior. I'm not convinced either way. I recommend watching the clips of Hillary and keeping an eye on her.

Snopes' medical degree, by the way, is in nothing, just like mine.

From the Snopes article

Note: A search at YouTube using the terms Ted Noel turns up various videos about Hillary's health including a recent one refuting her pneumonia claims and also videos refuting Noel.

Also, I'm starting to believe that Donald Trump doesn't really want to win. When the polls tighten up he comes out with something irrational and the gap widens again. After the polls narrowed to almost nothing this week following Hillary's fainting spell and questions about her health he brought up his birther conspiracy theories again. Before that the polls had tightened up and he brought up his wall ideas again. Maybe he changes his mind from week to week. He's a con artist and believes in nothing except himself, that's a given. I just think he can harm the world a lot less than Hillary can. She's a warmongering Neoliberal and a Neocon. He'd have everyone against him; the power elite, the political class, the media, the bureaucracy. She'll have all that behind her, enabling her, promoting her, making excuses for her, and facilitating her Goldwater Republican Wall Street pandering Israel supporting world conquering Imperialist schemes.


  1. Bubba, don't pussy-foot around...tell us how you really feel!

  2. I don't care if Hillary has fourth stage pancreatic cancer. And Ebola virus, with a dash parkinson's thrown in. She's the best candidate running on the major parties in the next US presidential race. That anyone would consider voting for that idiot trump is beyond me. Or reason.