Sunday, September 25, 2016

So Why Do They Rebel...Or As You Say, Riot?

Cell Phone Video Shows Charlotte, NC Cop Planting Gun Next To Police Shooting Victim Keith Scott

Media has been breathlessly reporting violence during street protests in Charlotte, NC, over the latest police execution of a Black man. We'll see if they pick up on this cell phone video that shows a cop planting evidence.

If you've been paying half attention you know this happens repeatedly, much of it now being exposed by cell phone video and people who are becoming more adept at shooting it and using editing software to highlight details. One well known case was when North Charleston, SC cop Michael Slager was shown planting a taser next to Walter Scott after he murdered Scott in cold blood while he was running away.

While an inordinate percentage of police violence victims are Black it's by no means limited to Blacks. Police forces weren't formed to give out tickets. The police predate automobiles. The police came about to round up property that ran away from slaveowners, to break strikes, to protect business property. The police are and always have been the enforcers of class war from above.

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  1. Some people think the use of cell phone video and the Internet along with dash-cams and body-cams on cops will help turn this around. Certainly those are all good tools, and I strongly encourage people to use them. My cellphone has an app from the ACLU which, when activated by a single touch, videographs and immediately transmits video and audio to an ACLU Web server where it is immediately archived.

    But I'm also seeing the ruling oligarchy fighting back against these useful tools. They are evolving resistance to them, just as virulent bacteria and viruses evolve to resist medications.

    Some localities have enacted ordinances forbidding the videographic / photographing of cops, although where that has been challenged in court the judges have struck down most of those ordinances. But even in communities where there is no such ordinance, police often threaten citizen photographers / videographers with arrest and/or they confiscate their cameras and impound them as "evidence." In other places, police officers raise the hoods of their cars to block the view of dash-cams, or they do something to obscure the lens and muffle the microphone on their body-cam.

    Perhaps even more disturbing, the ruling oligarchy's "selected" representatives in Washington keep trying to "police" the Internet, making it easier for citizens' speech (including things like video and photos) to be censored by the corporations who control most citizens' access to the Internet; and to throttle the speed at which citizens' Web content can be accessed while the all-important advertising and propaganda of the corporations is put in the fast lane.

    While the two dupoly parties' candidates talked about state-run or state-sponsored hacking by foreign powers, e.g., blaming the hacking of DNC emails on "the Russians," our own government is already doing that to us right now.