Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Watch A Debate, Get A Job

A little more than 80 million people watched last night's Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debate, somewhat less than the 100 million estimates bandied about beforehand by an excited media. That slightly beat a 1980 Reagan-Carter debate, when, I'd add, there were about half as many people living in the US.

By contrast, 530 million people worldwide watched the moon landing and more than 1 billion watched a cricket match in February between India and Pakistan.

All third party candidates were excluded from last night's debate, drastically reducing the points of view those 80 million were exposed to. Viewers last night heard slightly different degrees of Capitalism and Imperialism from two rich people.


So-called "startups" account for about 1.9 percent of new jobs in New Mexico, which is only seeing the creation of about 2,000 jobs per year anyway, according to Albuquerque Business First, the local business journal.

A lot of taxpayer money is being spent on enabling these few startups. The university and the community college both have startup incubators, where taxpayer money goes to fund research that is then privatized so that it doesn't contribute to western civilization except to profit a couple of people.

There may be eventual "spinoff" benefits from startups. They may help the economy become more diversified and New Mexico workers become better able to advance our economy and our society in different ways, but for us to find out how it would require a political class more interested in the public good and an academic class more interested in something besides having nice houses on Nob Hill and where to find the best tasting cappuccinos in a big hurry. As it is now we don't even think of these things as a whole. Only how they make money. For a few people.

Remember that as long as we live in houses, eat food, drive cars, use electricity, gas and water and produce trash, most jobs will necessarily be traditional jobs. Our human needs dictate what jobs there are. Tech and all that is a minor thing but we don't know it because it gets all the media attention. Most people do traditional jobs and we ignore them and their pay and benefits.

And the traditional jobs will once again be enough to keep the economy peculating along and growing when workers get paid more for them, that is, when income distribution is more fair like it was in the few decades after the second world war when the US became the global economic powerhouse it is and after the Democrats of that time allowed and encouraged a healthy labor movement, which is the exact opposite of what today's Democrats are doing.

When people are doing well, confident in the future, secure, when their pay isn't forever stagnant and their benefits aren't always being taken away, society is much healthier. If you want to know why Obama will be the first president in history not to oversee a single year of 3 percent economic growth, and why people are turning the demagogues like Donald Trump, don't look at Trump or the media, look at the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Martin Heinrich, Michelle Grisham, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan and the Democrats in the New Mexico house and senate. Then look at yourself. You voted for them.

I don't blame you. You went on the information you had. But you were sold a bill of goods. Start thinking about what brought Trump about and don't let these Democrats fear monger you any more just so they can turn around and sell you out.

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  1. One of the many "imbalances" we're losing from is the demise of, as you wrote, "healthy" labor unions. "Right to work" spreading from south to north did us in...:( The political émigrés from Arkansas certainly didn't help the problem