Friday, October 21, 2016

Clinton Foundation Pays Women Less Than Men

Is among the headlines generated today by today's batch of leaked Clinton campaign emails, which keep being released by the thousands almost daily by Wikileaks.

I'm having a blast reading one delicious surprise after another and hearing people come up with ridiculous reasons for why we need less information about the people who run our country and not more.

The Clinton campaign is trying to make the story be about Wikileaks and Russia -- to discredit the emails because of who hacked them, which isn't known and can't be discovered. According to multiple computer experts it's impossible to tell who hacked you. Another storyline, that the emails were doctored, has been drowned out by the sheer volume of the release -- tens of thousands.

And of course the source of the hack, while it may be interesting and a story in itself, doesn't matter as far as the truth contained in the emails and their significance. Using the Clinton campaign's logic, if Hitler told you to get out of the road because a bus is coming, you'd have to stay in the road.

The truth revealed by the leaked emails isn't that Hillary Clinton and those around her are cynical and dishonest or even that it's verified in writing now that Clinton is a warmongering servant of big Wall Street banks, big corporations and rich people. Most people know that about their elected officials and don't care. Which is another thing.

The truth revealed by the emails is in how they are being treated by Clinton supporters and a mainstream media that by and large favors Clinton over Donald Trump and is helping her to win.

It's that we pretend to be rational and fair and just when we are not.

It's that when there's news we don't like, that doesn't make it a bunch of lies. It's that when there's new we don't like we don't like it.

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