Sunday, October 30, 2016

Did Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Break Up?

This would be an interesting development. I went to these Twitter feeds and went back several days and for that time span it's true. Bernie and/or his staff have been tweeting a lot about the Dakota Access pipeline and the AT&T-Time-Werner merger but aside from a few sideswipes at Trump not the presidential race. Sanders has taken some heat on the radical Left for campaigning for Clinton.

I only saw this tweet because I've been "followed" lately by a few Trump supporters on Twitter (it's like "friending" someone on Facebook) and I generally follow people back when they follow me. They may be seeing my Wikileaks retweets. Trump supporters have been following the leaks closely and using them for anti Hillary ammo. One of my new right wing Twitter friends re-tweeted this thing by the bikers and I re-tweeted it and a few minutes later the bikers followed me.

I think my Twitter logo makes pretty clear what my politics are. Maybe they are reaching out. I wrote the other day about how many white southerners had voted for Bernie. Maybe they only switched to Trump after Hillary beat Bernie. People like Ralph Nader on the Left have long said the working class has much more that it agrees on than it disagrees on and that alliances between the Left and Right should be pursued. I for my part have attempted now and then to talk to people on "the other side" without much success, but on social media I do discourage people from talking down to the working class right or making fun of them, not just for strategic purposes but as matter of principle. If you want a better world you've got to be better. I could follow the principle a little more closely myself.

Meanwhile, there's the New York Post.

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