Saturday, October 15, 2016

FBI Entrapment

We'll see if the three men arrested by the FBI in Kansas for "plotting to bomb a Garden City apartment complex where about 120 Somalis live" following a "major" 8-month investigation turns out to be another case of entrapment. Several studies have been done about this and one found as many as 95 percent of domestic terrorism cases the FBI brings are cases of entrapment. This article talks about other studies that find that well over half were entrapment.

Bo Rader/The Wichita Eagle
What the FBI does is, agents or paid informants find some low life idiots, often through online social media now, gradually befriend them, gain their confidence, and then suggest bombing something. Sometimes the FBI even gives them fake bombs to plant. Then they move in for the big arrests and then it's the choreographed press conference where they tell the media how they saved America from great harm after a "major" 8-month investigation and give themselves lot of credit using vague and meaningless terms like "conducted an investigation" and never say just what that means or entails.

It's hard to say if they do this because they need to justify their budgets or themselves, but it's an insight into the mind of law enforcement people.

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