Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hacked Audio: Clinton Tells Wealthy Donors How She'll Trick Young People Into Voting For Her

Audio of Hillary Clinton talking to well heeled donors at a private fundraiser in Virginia in February is making the rounds on the internet.

At the time Clinton was trying to fend off her somewhat Leftist challenger Bernie Sanders. The high quality audio file was attached to an email sent by a Clinton staffer that was somehow hacked by someone. It's clearly Clinton and in this clip she explains how they can trick young Sanders supporters into accepting a life of working at Starbucks in the new vastly unequal economy her husband and other conservative Democrats have helped to create. Clinton tells her well off donors she's in the "center-left, center-right" part of the political spectrum; in other words she's not the "progressive," i.e. liberal, she's pretending to be to win the nomination. In other words, our comfy lifestyles won't be inconvenienced by any of that unseemly wealth redistribution stuff Democrats used to go along with. Young people, poor people, can go to hell. Let's open up a bottle of wine.

The 49 minute audio file was released by the conservative web site The Washington Free Beacon. The part I used was one of two short clips posted by The Intercept, the left leaning online magazine published by attorney Glenn Greenwald.


  1. Positioning herself to appeal to right leaning voters on the idea that politicians can say about anything and get away with it to win. Brainless Trumpism it's often called. At least she didn't mention the sacred 1% percent nor climb on top of a tank to prove her machismo. Wait I digress. Sorry....:)

  2. Has that been verified by any independent sources? Was voice recognition technology used to verify the voice? It's very easy to cut, paste and manipulate sound bits to come up with clips like this.

    Wouldn't you be asking the same things about some disparaging sound file posted about Trump?


    2. So maybe she's not quite as irrational as Obama after all, at least not when it comes to nukes on cruise missiles. Maybe she prefers nuclear-armed drones. ;)

  3. There's really no need to dig even an inch into the manure heap to find crap like this about Trump. He generously supplies a fresh, steaming pile of it himself nearly every day of his campaign.

    BTW, most of us Bernie people have known this about Clinton for a long time. It's among the reasons we didn't support her in 2008 and won't be voting for her in 2016.