Sunday, October 16, 2016

He Was Here Just A Minute Ago

Two images, each, I think, beautiful in its own way, and in many ways.

I came across the second while trying to find out some information on the first. The first, by Reuters photographer Carlo Allegri, is a woman who called herself Sista Soul Love. She was protesting something -- possibly forgiving white people, according to one person who posted video of her on YouTube, but I'm not really sure -- outside the Charleston, SC, AME church the Sunday after the massacre there in 2015 of 12 Black church members by a white supremacist, according to the caption when the photo was used by The Guardian. They used it with a gut wrenching essay by Kiese Laymon, a professor of English and African American studies at the University of Mississippi, about being Black in the USA and about what the grandmother who raised him thinks about being Black in the USA that he wrote after the Charleston church massacre.

I liked these images because they were visually appealing to me, and part of that was because their content, visual and symbolic, in each case set my synapses to popping, they just struck so many conscious and unconscious cords at once, and finally because they made me wonder, if America gives up on Jesus, what will it turn to?


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