Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary Voters Vote For War

The Washington Post reports today that the "foreign policy elite" can't wait for a President Hillary Clinton so we can start killing more people again.

The Post's interviews with these people, along with the recently leaked transcripts of Clinton's $250K Goldman Sachs speeches, confirmed the fact that, knowingly or not, if you vote for Clinton you're voting for escalation in Syria and against Russia and Iran. You're voting to kill a lot of people. A lot of them. And throw a lot more money down the toilet that is the foreign policy consensus.

This elite, a "bipartisan" cabal of former state department officials, think tank members, consultants and the like, who rotate from one place to the other in a revolving door I might add, laments that President Obama hasn't been aggressive enough toward Iran, Russia and Syria, among other things they dislike him for. This is despite Obama having expanded the Middle East killing spree begun by the GW Bush Neocons to Libya, Syria, Yemen and North Africa and become the drone assassinator in chief and provoked nuclear armed Russia and China in various ways like instigating a coup in Ukraine and surrounding them both with military alliances and missiles. This foreign policy elite wants more direct confrontation than that. They want war, which, as the head of the joint chiefs of staff told congress recently, is what the no fly zone Hillary and this elite both favor will amount to. War with Russia.

This elite cares little that, as I read the other day, the US military, since Bosnia, has killed, depending on the estimates you use, between 1.5 and 2 million people, and you can add in that terrorism has exploded because of it. This goes back before 9/11, and it's gotten worse since then.

The same elite panicked when it looked like Donald Trump might be president, the Post reports, not because he says gross things or isn't smart enough or qualified enough or abuses women but because he wants to be less aggressive and kill fewer people and pull back some of our vast military death machine that spans the globe with over 1,000 instillations and consumes more than half of federal spending, while things like food stamps and Head Start are being cut.

The Post article ends with soothing assurances that Clinton won't kill as many people as Bush did -- we'll see about that -- but one thing is certain, a vote for Hillary is a vote for more death and a vote to feed fewer Americans and educate fewer of the children who are our future.

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