Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary's Emails

Wikileaks is still releasing thousands of emails a day from the account of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta and they confirm the view of her already held by people like me on the radical left that she's a warmongering whore of Wall Street. That's a polemical statement, of course. Translated into everyday American it means she's way too quick to use the US military and she thinks government is supposed to help create a climate where business can profit so that workers can have jobs, which is basic truckle down Reaganomics. In other words she's at the center to center-right of where the American political spectrum today which is further to the right than it was 10, 20 and 30 years ago.

There are also the kind of revelations, like when she told the Goldman Sachs upper crust in one of those $250K speeches that you have to have a "public and a private position" on issues. The polemical translation for this is that she lies her ass off in her public statements. But all politicians talk like she does. They "spin" everything. Anyone who has been in the politics business for awhile knows you have to be careful of what you say and not give your opponents any ammunition. You promote what you want as much as you can because you know it will get torn down by opponents. It's another version of what we do in our own conversations where we're not very honest at all, and it's why we keep some distance between ourselves and almost everyone except maybe one close intimate, usually a spouse, and even then we have secrets.

Maybe the most serious revelations from the emails are what they reveal about the press in the US. There are emails from reporters from big time publications like Politico and the New York Times who want are showing the Clinton campaign their articles before they publish them and letting them take out what they don't like. The Free Thought Project has an article citing ten such emails that's worth a look, I think.

The mainstream media of course is largely ignoring the whole stream of leaks, because they favor Clinton but also because they want to be seen by their sources and peers as staying within the bonds of conduct approved of by the power establishment. It's the old wink and a nod thing that has always been with us. Wikileaks has been successfully demonized within that establishment and the Clinton campaign has been defending itself by attacking Wikileaks and suggesting it's in collusion with Russia and wants Trump to win.

The younger generation, fortunately for American democracy, pays more heed to things like Wikileaks than they do to mainstream figures like Hillary; in fact the media has been putting out articles saying that Millennials aren't getting excited about Clinton, which means they won't vote. Twitter is used predominately by the younger generations and a quick glance at the Twitter pages demonstrates their preferences for sources of information. Everything Wikileaks posts is "re-tweeted" between 7 and 12  thousand times. Everything Hillary posts is re-tweeted 3 or 4 thousand times.

The leaks won't affect the outcome of this election. Donald Trump has made sure of that. But historians are much more interested in primary documents, like emails, than they are in daily news articles. The books they write won't influence this election but will be read by the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. A most thoughtful take on "public and private" political stances. I agree with your analysis wholeheartedly. Why this trend characterizes most of our public discourse in recent years is profoundly disturbing. Perhaps it is more revealing of human nature as anything else. As to polemics nothing turns me off more. Dealing with making everything black or white reveals both laziness or shallow thinking of most likely both. I recently read an article by a famous fiction writer (whose name escapes me) who points out how little people read today. Something like those under forty ten minutes per day, though I don't know if that includes "social media" or not. My last point of refuge on this awful subject lies is the words of Winston Churchill who pointed out "democracy is the worst for of government, except for all the rest."....:)

  2. Jesus H. Lets try "worst form of government"

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