Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Gallery In Damascus

I saw this picture of a small art gallery in Damascus in the Wikipedia article on Syria, an ancient country full of architectural and artistic treasures that's suffered a lot of damage since the US blew up the Middle East by invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria for no good reason and caused the current explosion of militant Islamic fundamentalism. Between the US military and the Islamists they've destroyed those countries, their economies and caused millions of deaths and even more serious injuries.

If you click on the link for that picture or go to the Syria article and click on that picture you get a high density version and can zoom in on the detail -- filigrees in the little stone arch, old wiring, the clamps they put in the stone to hold up the strings and chains that hold up the pictures, garments and tapestries. A cigarette butt. Old woodwork. Evidence of the lives, the stories, the personal histories that, oblivious to most Americans, get pissed away and blown away by our ruling class betters as they rampage across the world seeking more and more profits.

Another picture in that article shows a Syrian soldier wearing Russian gear and holding a Chinese automatic rifle. Yes, they're involved, because the US ruling elite is out of control and trying to push them back to their borders with aggression in the pipeline rich Middle East, Ukraine, the South China Sea and from its 1,000 bases around the world. They, China and Russia, aren't starting any wars, are simply trying to get by and make a buck, too, but no, we have to have it all, the US ruling class does, and Hilary and her lackey class are trying mightily to help them have it in exchange for a mansion and a few servants of their own.

Meanwhile the editor of The Nation magazine, the standard bearer of "progressive" ideals in the US, is posting links to the Democratic Party's platform and calling it the most progressive in its history. The thing is full of allusions to what I've just been talking about, and anti BDS and anti Venezuelan and anti this and that people allusions that promise full speed ahead imperialism, all of it smothered in idiotic identity politics platitudes designed to make the party's identity politics base believe that they'll soon be moving up the power hierarchy and enjoying more of the proceeds of those imperial profits without ever mentioning that with identity politics the current system, with its hierarchy of power and profits, is left in place. When they move up somebody else will necessarily have to move down a notch or two.

That base and almost the entire media and political establishments are today howling about Donald Trump talking like men and women do all over the US, China, Russia and Syria and pretending that they aren't like those men and women and in so doing are expressing the same instinctual urges we all express but in ways they've all agreed are socially acceptable, and doing it in terms that make them sound as cool and attractive as possible before they look in the mirror to make sure they look as sexy as can be.

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