Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Clinton Emails And The Road Ahead

Leaked emails between Hillary Clinton and longtime campaign official and adviser John Podesta wherein strategies are formulated by her campaign on how it would handle the political fallout if transcripts or videos of her $250,000 a shot private speeches to Wall Street tycoons ever got leaked necessarily detail much of the content of the speeches and they simply confirm what many millennials and Bernie Sanders supporters already knew about Clinton; that she's a very Wall Street and corporation friendly "New Democrat" who as soon as the votes are counted will look after ruling class interests and leave her working class supporters to rot, just like her husband did, and like Barak Obama has done and fiscally conservative Democrats like we elect in New Mexico always do. Some of the emails confirm her positions about her desires to escalate the wars in the Middle East, especially Syria and Iraq, and to send many more US troops over there. Others talk about more directly confronting Russia and China, two nuclear superpowers already feeling backed into a corner by increasingly aggressive, increasingly Neocon US Imperialism.

Positions, votes and remarks by Clinton that had already confirmed that kind of view of her have been circulating on social media and small internet news outlets for years but haven't been in the mainstream media that much, and the timely release this past weekend of the video that has caused Donald Trump's latest meltdown ensured that Friday's leaks stayed out of the mainstream media this time. What has been in the news is being attacked by Clinton surrogates as being a Russian plot, or they're saying the emails have been doctored, and the mainstream media has obliged those takes on them.

This stuff isn't going away and will haunt the entire presidency of this woman, who is already reviled and distrusted by a majority of Americans and who will sail into power on the votes of about one-quarter of eligible voters. I'm afraid the polarization we've seen so far will seem like nothing. Very few Americans are going to feel at home here and our democracy and our sense of nationhood will fray even further.

Whether the world survives an increasingly likely nuclear confrontation between the US and the other nuclear armed powers is another question. As for the hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners who will join the hundreds of thousands already killed by the US war machine and the terrorism that has mushroomed because of it, oh well. Black lives matter, white lives matter, but those lives don't. Not to Americans, not to Hillary supporters.

The entire Wikileaks trove is online and has already been saved, printed out and stashed away in many different places, no doubt.

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