Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Crime Of Being Human

This news about Yahoo giving the NSA access to the complete content of every single email to or from a Yahoo email address, emails sent by Americans and everyone else, got me thinking about how our government has become a military intelligence state where if something is against the constitution they try make an exception for it and if they can't they just go ahead and do it anyway, as in this Yahoo case.

What is the end of it? Why did they do it? There's no terrorism in the US. What few instances that occur are statistically insignificant, especially when compared to the way terrorism is used to hike up fear and justify government policy. The only terrorism, practically speaking, is is in countries the US has destroyed, and the few homegrown instances are a direct result of that destruction.

I'm reminded of the many cases where the FBI has entrapped working class, gullible, troubled youths into violating these new terrorism laws. Not using their spy information but using informants, snitches who are paid for the information or are trying to get out of their own trouble, they find some people, no more than kids sometimes, and either FBI agents themselves or informants make friends with them, get their confidence, and then suggest they do some terrorist act, even supplying them with things like fakes bombs. It's kids who are devoid of purpose and who latch onto an idea implanted in their vacant minds by more world wise, older, cooler individuals. It's why these kids join gangs, why they do all kinds of strange things like tattoo their faces as they seek desperately for an identity..

So the lawmen, the FBI or whoever, entirely set them up, then make their arrests, take their photographs, and most importantly release their big press releases saying how they uncovered and stopped a terrorist plot. It's sick. Almost all, 95 percent by some accounts, of the "terrorist" cases the FBI has brought since 9/11 have been entrapment. Instead of minding their own business, or reaching out to these troubled kids, maybe helping them get on the right track, get a job, have a life, they utterly and completely destroy their lives, forever.

And for what? Their own personal aggrandizement? In order to justify themselves and their budgets? There's a complex interplay between those things and the way institutions work, and much of an institution's efforts is spent justifying its existence and the need for it. Just look at the clergy. Look at electricians and architects who get laws passed so that only they can do the work. This isn't as insidious as it just is human nature. The need of any group to protect itself is just the individual human survival instinct playing itself out though a social group and determining the rules and norms of the group, which then reinforce individual behavior in a cycle, a complex.

This is what happens, though, when you create institutions like the police and give them policing powers and let them police themselves, when you heed the calls of people who glorify the police and say you shouldn't question them.

This is what happens when we vote for people and won't demand that they police the police and the NSA and the FBI. These people will naturally then see the police as allies, and extensions of their own power. This is what happens when we vote for people, and don't hold them accountable, and who then naturally put personal ambition before the constitution, the country, and the people they're supposed to serve.




  1. Another link for you, about how the Pentagon spent half a million dollars to create fake Al Qaeda videos to entrap young Muslims in America:


    1. Sorry, that was half a BILLION dollars, not half a million.