Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Hillary You Get

"Speaking at a rally in Pittsburgh on the weekend, Clinton said, “I’m not going to pretend that we can just snap our fingers and solve our problems… That doesn’t happen in the real world.”"

That's Hillary Clinton, confident of victory, starting to manage the expectations of her supporters, some of whom may have believed the liberal rhetoric she adopted to secure the Democratic Party nomination and win the support of former Sanders voters.

It's being reported that she is already contacting key Republicans to discuss how they will work together when she's in office. Cabinet posts and other positions in her administration are being discussed.

"Jeff Zeleny of CNN reported, “I’m told she’s been talking to Republican senators, old allies and new, saying that she is willing to work with them and govern.” Clinton has told these Republicans that she will be more approachable than Obama, Zeleny said, adding, “She will work with them. She wants to have an open-door policy.”"

Donald Trump meanwhile is saying Clinton's policies in Syria could start World War III. This is unfortunate. Military figures have already said as much in congressional hearings, but now that Trump is saying this it gives the media an excuse to ridicule the idea. Clinton as recently as the final debate reaffirmed her desire to establish a "no fly zone" over Syria, which is tantamount to war with nuclear armed Russia. The Guardian goes into this in depth today.


  1. Yes, it is unfortunate that Trump is saying Clinton could start World War III, not just because it gives the media an excuse to ridicule the idea, but also because when it actually happens, Trump will take credit for being right. His "I told you so" could mean a one-term Clinton administration followed by a Trump administration. That's if the country survives World War III.

    1. Yeah, maybe. But then, just maybe, the revolution would happen, right Bubba? the workers would arise, the means of production would be controlled by the workers, and the end product. Like....pharmaceuticals, or the chips that control our phones (wait, they are made in China, sorry), anyway, stuff like that. The Socialist Revolution would happen. And then there would be the withering of the state, right? I mean, Trump, whoever, would be willing to relinquish the reins of power, let the state wither, right?
      Could be....perhaps my wife Cary, back in the day, when we were with friends and they were in their cups, would say to them "You babies are going to be cutting sugar cane when my revolution comes!"

      Isn't it interesting, that Noam Chomsky is advising people to vote for Hillary?


  2. Noam Chomsky isn't a big fan of the Clintons, but he seems to be taking the Bernie position -- let's go ahead and elect Hills and then hold her feet to the fire (which in this case is the 50% to 60% "progressive" party platform hammered-out by delegates from both the Clinton and Sanders camps at the convention in July). Because, you know, the Democrats have always used their platform as a blueprint for governing. Which is why we've had single-payer healthcare since shortly after JFK was inaugurated in 1961.

    But I do understand Chomsky's concerns about handing the nuclear launch codes over to a mentally-challenged, narcissistic orangutan. We can't have a successful revolution if we're all dead.