Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Intercept

This is just a plug for for Glenn Greenwald's news magazine The Intercept. Just take a moment to scan the stories on their front page today like a four-part expose on a criminal gang within the Chicago police department that protected some drug dealers and went after their rivals. It's a very important story not least because of Rahm Emanual, former Obama chief of staff and Chicago's current mayor and an architect of the Wall Street friendly, union busting "New Democrat" model and probable future presidential contender.

I say Glenn Greenwald. The constitutional attorney turned journalist runs The Intercept but it's funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. This is one way of doing it. When I lived in Berkeley County, SC, six guys with some money got together and started a paper and had a former high school principal run it, and after a few years it drove the existing paper out of business. In that case they were Republicans and the old paper backed the old Democratic Party establishment, and the area as a whole, the populace, had transitioned from traditional southern Democrat to Republican, but although the new paper had a conservative spin it did a good job of reporting and it was fair. Both sides had their say.

The model worked, is my point. I think you could run the Albuquerque Journal out of business if you came up with something that captured peoples' imagination. One reason is that a paper with no competition gets fat and lazy in the journalistic sense. TV news offers them nominal competition but the nature of that business makes them focus on rescued cats and car crashes, and things they have video footage of, and they have mostly a non ending succession of first year reporters who may have heard of city hall but don't really know what that's all about.


  1. Hmmm. Interesting take on news magazines. I gave up Newsweek after they cheated me out of my three years ahead subscription and all their great writers left. Then Time who doesn't recognize anything significant happening in "flyover country". So I'm left with The Nation and Audubon. Oh Well what can you expect from us Baby Boomer Geezers.....:)

    1. The Nation and Audubon sounds like a good survival kit. Just make sure you suck on a lime once in awhile to avoid scurvy and I think you're outfitted for the journey to come.

  2. Our biggest local newspaper (South Bend Tribune) also owns the biggest local TV station (WSBT), which for many decades has been a CBS affiliate but is now both a CBS and Fox affiliate, since they bought-out the local Fox station (now also called WSBT) about two months ago. We see a lot of AP stories in the paper, and the two WSBT TV channels -- UHF 22 and 28 -- are both so similar to NBC affiliate WNDU (UHF 16, once owned by Notre Dame University and still located on their campus) and the local ABC affiliate (WBND) in nearly every way, so that it matters little which one you watch. The Tribune -- like the neighboring Elkhart Truth -- has a decidedly centrist (pro-business but not bat-shit religious right) POV. Most of the other local area papers are somewhere to their right. So discerning locals depend on outfits like The Intercept, Counterpunch, The Guardian, Russia Today (, and other sources for some balance. Each of these has a slant of some kind too, but they help to counter the center-right and further-right slant that we get from most local news sources.

    Yes, The Nation is good too if you keep that lime handy. They just endorsed Hillary, which is a reflection of how effectively Trump has inspired them to fill their diapers.