Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Golden Opportunity

"I find it important how close this election is drawing…. Enough for the ruling class to pay attention. By that I mean the people who think they have it all together and think the regular people out there should leave them to run the show, letting them to continue alternating Democrats and Republicans.
If this election is close… if someone carrying his trainload of baggage is able to seriously challenge someone with Hillary Clinton’s resume…the people will have spoken very loudly…
It tells you something about the power of his message. I believe he was on to something in this race. I believe that half the people in this country, maybe more have had it with establishment elite politics, they’re tired of the same best and brightest who took us into Vietnam, went for broke there and have come back to take us into Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and god knows what next desert war…"

That's mainstream media's Chris Matthew speaking last night during the TV program he hosts and using the phrase "ruling class." It's quite stunning. Here's a link to where his spiel of a couple minutes was posted on social media.

It's also remarkable to see millions of working class people on the right -- the conservative, dittohead, Rush Limbaugh-Shawn Hannity Fox News millions -- rejecting the Republican Conservative status quo, and, by extension, implicitly, their message that the only alternative we have is the brutal Neoliberal Capitalism that this bipartisan political elite has pushed on us that has resulted in record wealth and income inequality, the gutting of our manufacturing base, declining living standards, college being out of reach for most kids and all the rest.

The Tea Party actually started it by causing the disillusionment of  millions of working class voters with the Republican political class, but Donald Trump has expanded and furthered their disillusionment and redirected it. When you look at what working class conservatives are saying on social media, plenty of it is just hatred for Hillary, but there's a marked absence of what you used to see -- calling her and anyone else to the left of Hilter a socialist and communist. There's not the reflexive defense of Capitalism you used to see. The Tea Party doubled down on Capitalism, on tax cuts for the rich, on gutting social spending. That's gone now. Trump puts forth little in the way of programs. He just gets people in the mood to reject their rulers and what their rulers have told them. Now they are adrift, like working class leftists are as the result of Occupy, Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders campaign. They are open to suggestion. The idiocy of putting Hillary Clinton in charge will only accelerate the discontent and disillusionment that's being felt by the working class on both the right and left. Now is the time to come forth with alternatives. Now is the time to look for ways to organize across political boundaries on the basis of the things all working people have in common.

We do that by putting forth the vision of a society that we run, we the people, the overwhelming majority, for our benefit. We do it by calling out the conservative Democrats that control that Capitalist party and pointing out that they and the half of the political elite that calls itself Republican are one and the same thing, nothing more than the lackeys of Capital and the handmaids of the rich and by that we foster class solidarity, class consciousness, and class unity, which means power, real power.

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