Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blood And Propaganda

There's a flurry of articles today saying the "last hospital" in Aleppo has just been bombed by the Syrian government. Some articles say it's "the last four hospitals." This is a screen shot from Google News today that shows the headlines for some of the recent articles:

In response, someone I've been following on Twitter who goes by the handle "Tweets From Aleppo" tweeted a montage of previous announcements about the last hospital in Aleppo having just been bombed.

I don't know how well these screen shots show up on your computer, but they have the last remaining hospital in Aleppo being destroyed in June, July, August, October and November. The person who posted them this morning wrote, "Ok, so now the real question has to be, how many more "last hospital in Aleppo" stories before people realise it's total bullshit".

On social media there has also been circulated exposes of the so-called '"white helmets" as little more than paid propagandists created to further the US regime change agenda. Since the white helmets are supposed to be helping injured civillians in areas controlled by the so-called "moderate" US backed "rebels" it was surprising to see a video posted on social media of one of them at the scene of a beheading. Social media has also been responsible for the dissemination of articles that show the US backed "rebels" aren't moderate at all but are Islamic jihadists.

The internet has much potential, but it's parts are developing unevenly. Social media with its ability to deliver fast, unfiltered news and information, is arguably the most well developed part. It's made possible Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the Bernie Sanders quasi insurgency and the election of Donald Trump. Without it the ruling class would have simply appointed the warmonger and handmaid of Wall Street Hillary Clinton as president.

Thanks to social media the US narrative about the good Syrian "rebels" now holed up in East Aleppo is being overtaken by the fact that the Islamic jihadists who our government organized and is funding and supplying and giving logistics assistance to are every bit as savage as the Assad regime. Twitter has apprised us, for example, that the bombings of aid convoys attributed to Syria were conducted by the US backed rebels and that the good, moderate Syrian rebels mowed down with automatic weapon fire scores of civilians who were trying to flee East Aleppo via safe corridors set up by Russia.

Of course, this oppositional counter narrative might be just as full of propaganda as the one that furthers the imperial regime change designs of the US government. The point is that they are now on a more or less equal footing because of social media, in the same way a Donald Trump with a cell phone sending out tweets that were reproduced by the millions put him on an equal footing with the entire ruling class with its billions and its mainstream media megaphone.

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