Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fidel Plus One

I'm still, of course, mourning the death of Fidel, not made any easier by the venom and hatred toward him that's coming, exclusively, from the United States that land of the Venal and Home of the Hateful. A country that, despite being opened up to the entire world and world of ideas by the internet is still a pretty self referential, brainwashed place. As Benjamin Dixon said in response to a particularly vile and hateful comment about Fidel from the uniquely vile and hateful Ted Cruz, the depth of American discourse is this: "America good. Capitalism good. Castro bad. Anything other than laissez faire Capitalism bad."

Or as I put it in a little meme I made up with two photos of Fidel, in one joking around with Mohamed Ali and another with Nelson Mandela, "The insignificant and soon to be forgotten have all hated Fidel. The historic figures of our time, the moral giants, have all loved him."

Of course the immense contradiction in that never dawns on Americans who hold up people like Mandela and Ali as moral giants and disrespect the man who was respected by them.

And the fact that Fidel has always been admired worldwide has little to do with what actually became of the Cuban Revolution, about which there can be at least some legitimate debate as long as you take into account things like the suffocating 50 year US embargo, the repeated and continual attempts by the US to assassinate Fidel, and the actual accomplishments, in spite of those hindrances, of the Cuban Revolution, like universal free education through college and universal free healthcare, which the richest Capitalist country ever can't manage to provide for its own citizens.

No, Fidel was admired in large because he stood up to imperialism and colonialism, not just against Cuba but wherever it was taking place. He' s a towering historic figure and an inspiration to millions because he stood up to El Norte, the US, which never ceased to be infuriated by him from the moment he kicked it and its whoremongering and mafioso lackeys out of Cuba and then tried to make Cuba into a place where everyone benefited from the national wealth. In other words, the opposite of the US. The US ruling elite couldn't countenance an example of what it should be doing on its very border, while it never ceased to demonstrate astounding hypocrisy by fawning over and supporting regimes 10,000 times worse than anything that ever happened in Cuba, like Saudi Arabia to take just one which beheads and cuts the hands off its own people and where women aren't permitted to drive a car, or go out in public without a male family member chaperone.

Speaking of Syria and of US hypocrisy and imperialism, the situation with the illegal and immoral US regime change war against Syria is evolving rapidly right now and things aren't looking good for the US' al Quaida linked jihadist proxies, who our government and the compliant lapdogs in the US press almost laughingly refer to as the "moderate Syrian rebels." They are in mass retreat in Aleppo, and when the Syrian army finishes with them there it will turn to smaller remaining strongholds of the US proxy Islamic fundamentalist jihadists -- no wait -- moderate rebels.

It's ironic in a way because by the time he takes office there probably won't be a Syrian war for Donald Trump to end. A lot of us on the Left who refused to support Hillary Clinton and preferred Trump over her did it because she's a warmongering Neocon and not least because of Syria. When she was secretary of state she was instrumental in starting that war and promised -- it was a campaign promise on her web site -- to escalate that murderous debacle which has already caused 250,000 innocent civilian deaths and displaced millions more, which displacement has caused the European refugee crises that's facilitating the rise of right wingers and neo fascists all over Europe, who have already taken power in some places and are about to take power in others and who were instrumental in Brexit and will be in the probable breakup of the European Union.

Yes, it's ironic alright. As many have pointed out, despite everything the US empire threw at Fidel he went out on his own terms. And went out revered and respected around the globe.

And went out just as exceptional, record wealth and income inequality America, even as it indulges in its day of strutting around like banty roosters heaping disdain upon the Socialist Fidel Castro, is about to be ruled over by the Fascist Donald Trump.

Who says there's no justice in this world?


  1. That same thought has occurred to me -- that America's pending descent into fascism / Trumpism is a long overdue come-uppance. We're getting the government we deserve -- and by "we" I mean the millions of smug America-firsters who not only cannot see beyond their own back yard but cannot even see their own back yard, how corrupt our system is and how they themselves suffer from their own myopic view of the world and their own refusal to see other directions in which we could take ourselves. Sure, those who own this system are primarily to blame, but the rest of us could EASILY overthrow them if only we could open our eyes and see how strong we actually could be as an enlightened and united Working Class.

  2. ¡Viva la memoria del Camarade Fidel!