Friday, November 11, 2016

Good News Parts I and II

Goodbye TPP. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama Administration today said it's giving up on trying to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty. The big mess of a treaty was negotiated secretly between the US, its Pacific Rim allies and hundreds of corporations and was an attempt to cut China out of trade in its own neighborhood, as part of the Obama-Hillary Clinton "pivot to Asia" that seeks to subdue China and counter the threat it poses to unchecked US global hegemony with a combination of diplomatic, economic and military intimidation.

The TPP was negotiated to a large extent under Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state and was almost rammed through congress on "fast track" authority by President Obama. Among other things it would have given foreign companies the ability to sue local governments in the US if they passed any laws or regulations, such as to protect the environment, if they would harm the company's "anticipated future profits". The lawsuits would have been decided by "tribunals" consisting of three corporate lawyers.

And some people still think the Democrats are on their side. A rapidly declining number of people, I think.

In more good news, The New York Times today reported on dramatic changes to US foreign policy regarding Syria that look to be in the works under a president Donald Trump. He'll essentially do what Leftists and Progressives and peace loving people have been calling for for a long time, which is to stop arming, financing and militarily supporting Islamic jihadists, which the US government refers to as "rebels", in the rouge attempt by the US to overthrow Syria's government.

Syria is another mess created in large part by Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state and she had campaigned on the promise to escalate the conflict.

Besides saving countless lives, drawing back from Syria will help wind down the New Cold War the US has unilaterally launched against Russia. In fact, the article says, Trump wants to align with Syria and Russia to fight ISIS.

It's hard not to picture heads exploding throughout the Neocon dominated US foreign policy establishment and their propaganda arm, our foreign policy press. During the election campaign almost all members of these groups either backed Hillary Clinton or remained silent. She was their girl. Based on her record and statements she may well have been the most dangerous and deadly US president in a long time if not ever.

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