Friday, November 11, 2016

Here It Comes

In the Albuquerque paper this morning is a report of a female University of New Mexico student being attacked and called a terrorist by a male classmate wearing a Donald Trump shirt. The girl says he tried to tear her hijab off and that when she demanded to know what he was doing he said he'd better sit down before she threw a grenade at him. The university says it's investigating that and several other similar incidents. Why the university hasn't turned it over to law enforcement I don't know. Like many colleges UNM has been lax in reporting sexual assaults to the police. It's about the image, the endowment. Careers are at stake.

I've seen on the internet where a group that tracks hate crimes reports seeing an uptick in them since Trump was elected president on Tuesday. A friend of mine said this morning that he's seen that, too, and he's uneasy. He's a Mexican citizen in his early 30s who has lived here since he was four years old and has a green card.

He says his wife, also from Mexico, told him that their daughter, who was born here, came home from kindergarten yesterday and asked her, "Are we Mexican?" Yes, the mother said. "Why does he hate us?" the daughter asked, and she told her that the election of Donald Trump and the possible consequences was being talked about by her classmates.

It upset me to hear this, and all the more, I think, because I've argued that the world, overall, is better off with Donald Trump as president than with Hillary Clinton. I still feel that way despite these hate crimes, which are some serious business, I admit, and I don't doubt that racists have been emboldened by Trump's election and that we'll see more of this. It was to be expected.

But compare our situation to that of the thousands, hundreds of thousands if recent history holds true, of people in other countries who would have died if Clinton had been elected. In debates and on her campaign web site she promised to escalate our already extremely bloody war against Syria, where an estimated 200,000 have died already. She was instrumental in starting that war, and our war against Libya where 60,000 have died so far, people who would not have died if then secretary of state Clinton and assistant secretary of state Samantha Powers, currently our UN ambassador and an almost certain H Clinton administration player, hadn't pushed for that war. Not to mention Clinton's central role in America's unilateral resumption of the Cold War against Russia or it's provocations against China that started after the Obama Administration's "pivot to Asia," which then secretary Clinton played a central role in bringing about. Both of them are entirely unnecessary provocations taking place not in our backyard but in theirs and against countries each of which has enough nuclear weapons to fry the world several times over.

There's really no comparison. There's no argument to be made here. If you think there is you'd better do some introspection and try to figure out why you care nothing about several hundreds of thousands of dead people in the Middle East, who happened to get in the way of our government's bloody imperial projects. You need to try to understand why you get so riled up about the prospect of Americans going through some troubled times, that are really insignificant compared to what's being experienced by parents in Syria and Libya and Iraq and all those places who have been and still are putting their children into coffins in pieces.

I've been thinking about this. Someone who voted for Hillary Clinton knowing all this, which most people who half pay attention do, isn't just complicit by default in mass murder. On some level they must want it, and want more of it.

I suspect it has something to do with wanting America to remain number one, the supreme world power, dominant over the rest of the world. Our dominance is inextricably tied to us always having had the most, the best, and was at the heart of us thinking the prosperity would be never ending. It's about the bank accounts and the nice houses and the nice cars. It's just like this mythic Trump supporter who on some level can't accept not having a higher standard of living than black and brown people.

Those people being blown to bits over there are dark skinned. They're a little strange, unfamiliar. It's not really a life being lost, on some level. You see the headlines. You scan right past them. You know. You keep going. On some level they frighten you. They are a threat. You'd prefer they not be there, that they be vaporized, disappear, and they are, going away, disappearing into coffins, one after another. The more they do the better you sleep at night, and you sleep well.


  1. Ok, I assume you are willing to do the same. Admit, for every hate crime, assault, aspersion done because of Trump, your guy, you take responsibility. You ask us who voted for the sane candidate to say we are mass murderers, purveyors of war throughout the world, responsible for damn near any crime against humanity, ok.
    You'll do the same, right? For your guys sins?
    You might find a cabinet position next year, if they create a Secretary of Explaining How This is Better.
    The old guy, who just awoke, rip van winkle. Remember? Odd, I can remember working for RFK and other progressives for over 50 years.

    1. So you voted for Hillary, which, as you say, makes you in effect an accomplice to mass murder.

      I didn't vote for Trump, I voted for Gloria LaRiva for president, as I stated in an earlier post, so I'm not responsible for anything. Look, stop and let your head clear for a moment -- I'm merely pointing out an objective fact, which is that fewer people will die with him in office. Do you understand the difference?

      You and many Hillary supporters are so irrational and so hepped up on some kind raw emotion that you can't even think straight. But beyond that, it's morose, really, how you can equate two such disparate things, 1, a few people getting beat up or whatever happens here, mostly people like you being offended, and 2, hundreds of thousands of people being killed. It's disgusting, really, how you can so casually wave off all those lives. It's mind boggling.

      I'm not saying you're the only one who does this, and if your head ever clears to where you can think straight, re-read the post and you'll see put forth there a possible explanation for why people like you are so crass and unfeeling. But any explanation in no way excuses your extreme insensitivity. I suppose that's a matter for you and your conscience.

  2. Um, SFM, I don't think Bubba said he voted for Trump. He has argued pretty consistently against voting for Clinton, without (to my recollection) ever saying that he was voting for Trump. There were other choices on the ballot, people a whole lot more like RFK than HRC.

    1. Thanks Bob. It looks like we were writing at the same time.

  3. I admit to feeling conflicted about this election, not just now in the bloody aftermath, but for many months prior. Julian Assange has called the major parties' offerings a choice between "cholera and gonorrhea" -- and most of us know with a fair degree of certainty that none of the third party presidential candidates had any chance of attaining the White House.

    Which means that this electoral system perfectly reflects our economic system: RIGGED.