Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Indian Land And A Disgruntled Reader

A couple things. One, about that Dakota pipeline, the people there, the Sioux, say that pipeline was originally supposed to go through Bismark, ND, but the white people there didn't want it potentially messing up their water so it wasn't put there.

So what happened was, the army corp engineers and the pipeline company decided to put it through Indian land thinking there's nothing the Indians can do about it, unlike the white people in Bismark. It's pure and simple racism.

Meanwhile the police are out there at the pipeline site enforcing the Capitalists' profits and their right to ruin someone else's land like a private mafia and we're paying for and I've heard nothing about Bismark in the mainstream media, which is covering that after a fashion, which must be why Martin Heinrich decided to send me a mass fundraising email today that says nothing about Bismark either and basically says, whichever side you're on in that issue, I'm fighting hard for you.

He writes:

"There is a way to respect the Standing Rock Sioux and those that care deeply about these important resources, but setting a high stakes showdown with protesters is only going to create more provocation and violence."

"These important resources" is telling. What he's saying, if you read carefully, is that the people who own the rights to the "resources" have to be shown "respect". I.e., their right to profit from oil must be respected.

By all means. Glad you're on a side, senator.

He never says what should be done but wants you to sign his petition calling on the president to do something. I've read that those petitions never get delivered anywhere but are used for data collection by the professional fundraising companies these politicians hire.

Also, I've been criticized in a comment for being mean and venomous. I didn't publish it. I recently changed the blog so I have to approve of or "moderate" comments before I publish them to end being harassed by this same person.

I can tell you that as far as I know I've only been mean and venomous with people I have a history with and who have doublecrossed me in some way or in some other way conducted themselves like an asshole, and with whom I've run out of patience. I guess you can argue that I shouldn't be mean and vile to them on the blog. Go ahead, I don't care. But if you want the reason that's why.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a pretty generous person and free with my compliments on what people say on their blogs, but if you say you're going to do something for me and then when it's time to do it ignore my emails and don't answer my phone calls and leave me in a serious lurch, or if you come after me and constantly act like some self absorbed asshole who's always trying to repair your own injured little ego at my expense, you're probably going to hear something from me eventually.

My motto is, I give no shit and I take none.

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