Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Late Great Democrats

They didn't wait long. As soon as Florida started looking doubtful, pretty early, they went looking for scapegoats. They started blaming people. And they'll be doing that endlessly, until the day they die. Bet on it. Never once will they look at themselves.

It's funny. Not long ago they were talking about the Republican Party being toast. Finished. Now it's the Democrats who look finished. A regional, rump party, is what they'll become. They've lost most of the state houses, most governorships, they've lost the House of Representatives after they used to own it lock stock and barrel, they've lost the Senate, now they've lost the presidency, to a con man. How inept can one party be? The courts will be Republican for generations. But it's not their fault. No, it's those stupid Jill Stein voters. It's those stupid protests voters. It's those stupid Bernie Sanders supporters. They're all just too goddamn stupid.

Some of them will even try to say the party has to get even more conservative, like the Clintons, who were among those whose idea it was in the first place to turn the party into whores for Wall Street. They'll say we need to tell the working class to go screw themselves even harder, because they're stupid idiots anyway.

Bernie, who always polled better against all the Republicans than Hillary, wanted a $15 minimum wage. We could have been talking about a president elect Sanders today, but no, the DNC and the elected officials and the big shots decided we're too stupid to pick a nominee. It's right there in the emails. We'll tell you who your candidate will be. We'll rig these primaries in her favor and treat you like crap at the convention and you'll shut up and put up and vote for Hillary. Unless you want to be called stupid. Fifteen dollars? Where did you come up with that? You don't deserve $15. You ought to be happy with what what you're getting. College for your kids? Why? You want to feed your kids decent food? Pay all your bills? Why? You're stupid. You don't deserve to sit home with your stupid kids at night. You need to be out there working those two and three crap part time jobs we created. You'll get the candidate who thinks you're only worth $12 an hour because you're just too damn stupid, and you were too stupid in the 90s, in 2000, in 2004, in 2008, in 2012. If you don't want the Republicans you'll vote for who we say to vote for. Why? Because you're stupid, and you have no place else to go.

Except the voting booth, and that's where working class people went yesterday and gave the Democrats the biggest middle finger in history. The once great Democrats -- with their supreme arrogance, their moral superiority, their we know what's best attitude -- got the big eff you. And it's exactly what they deserve.


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  1. Thanks, Frank.

    The more I see how things shook out in this election -- e.g., that enough people who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 voted for Trump this time to take this election away from Hillary -- the better I feel about it. YES, working class Americans, who've been getting shafted for more than 35 years now by BOTH major parties, elected themselves an apparent iconoclast to lead this Nation. They chose somebody who is intensely disliked not only by the Democratic Party's establishment, but by the Republican Party's establishment too. Sure, Trump's bigotry and ignorance (feigned or not) are beyond disgusting, but he is what Michael Moore calls "the Molotov cocktail" that aggrieved (albeit mostly White) American workers picked up, lit, and hurled full force at the establishment.

    If Trump sticks to the economic populist part of his campaign rhetoric and eschews all of that identity politics crap, he may do okay. If he picks for his administration people who agree with him on that economic stuff but not on the racist / misogynist / xenophobic crap, then we all may do okay. Guess we'll see.