Sunday, November 20, 2016

Martin Heiinrich: I'm For The Subaru Station Wagon Crowd And Not For You

This "tweet" on New Mexico US senator Martin Heinrich's twitter page is getting some attention.

It's a "pinned" tweet, meaning it stays at the top of his Twitter page even if he posts other tweets after it. Heinrich wants to make sure people see it.

Heinrich also wants to make sure people see that he posts nothing on his Twitter feed that indicates he's the least bit concerned about any of the other reactionary policies likely to result from a Trump administration that will affect less affluent New Mexicans' pocketbooks, their futures, their childrens' futures, their childrens' chances of ever going to college or living a decent life.

Martin Heinrich claims that he'll die for the sake of public lands, which are of interest primarily to a small segment of upper middle class white people. You can look up and down his Twitter feed and you won't find him proclaiming that he'll die to preserve Social Security or Medicare, or anything else that helps the less fortunate and that a Democrat ought to be concerned with, such as the decline in working peoples' living standards and wages over the past 40 years.

Twitter is the social media platform that's followed by the movers and shakers, the big time media, the rich and famous, the people who matter, the important people. Heinrich wants these people to know that even though he got elected as a Democrat he'll do nothing to interfere with their cushy lifestyles. He wants them to know that even though he's a senator from one of the poorest states in the country, one that's getting worse all the time, that doesn't concern him. He wants the upper crust to know that as long as they, his true constituency, do well and as long as he has a place to do his elk hunting, those poor working class suckers, who can't spare the gas to drive out to his precious public lands, who won't be wandering around out there sullying up his scenery, who vote him into office, can go straight to hell.

Heinrich's attitude, by the way, which most establishment Democrats have, is what handed the election to Donald Trump. Working people, the few who bothered to drag themselves to the polls after working for peanuts for eight, ten, twelve hours not knowing if they'd even have job the next day, would rather the system go down in flames. Their silent desperation, which yes, they often express in racist or sexist terms, having no other outlet left to them for their fear and anger, has become so acute that they think anything will be better than the way things are now. Martin Heinrich isn't concerned about them or their futures. He and his constituency will get through a Trump administration just fine. They're all set up, and doing well.


  1. From my perspective US Senator Martin Heinrich is the most vulnerable of the New Mexico politicians serving in Washington as they stand now in the offices they occupy. If anyone is going to get "elected" out of their current position's it is Henrich. He is milk toasty at best. Very liberal but really not a champion of folks needing help. More of an environmental "totally organic and together" type of guy.

    He does not inspire the run of the mill New Mexican. The environmental left goes giddy over him, but that is the extent of his strong supporters. He is vulnerable not only to a Republican such as Steve Pierce but to a challenge in the primaries.

    I think he has been elected by threading the needle by running against weak or unknown opposition. Unknown as in Hector Balderas etc, weak as in Darren White.

    1. Pretty good analysis, NM. He should hire you as a consultant! He sure needs someone whispering in his ear besides whoever it is now. Better yet, if he's vulnerable to be primaried one of us should run against him.

      The more I think about this the more mind boggling it is. He says nothing about the financial well being of New Mexicans, and especially after what just happened. His brand of politics is exactly the kind that lost the election for Clinton, and has the Democrats in a huge hole at the federal and at most state levels, and is one of the main things responsible for the pathetic recovery and the declining living standards of the bulk of Americans. Mind boggling. Talk about out of touch. Talk about self interest. In mind boggling degrees.

      "Hey Martin, people are hurting, worried, insecure about their futures and their kids' futures."

      "They are?"

  2. I am a life long New Mexican, and a life long Republican. I am also a life long user of America's public lands. Although I may not agree with everything Senator Heinrich believes in, this is one issue I am all in. Senator Heinrich is a true sportsman, and a true New Mexican, and I appreciate everything he has said and done in support of America's public lands and New Mexico in particular. I fully support his position on public lands. Sportsman have put BILLIONS of dollars into these lands through purchases of land, easements, prescribed fires, water enhancements etc. There is no way sportsman are going to let anyone take this land away. But, it's not just sportsman. Any one who recreates in the outdoors is impacted, including mountain bikers, hikers, skiers, backpackers, fisherman, or just families camping in America's public lands. It is a birthright for all Americans and a $700 BILLION dollar industry in the United States. So, I totally disagree with your assessment of the situation. The outdoor recreation industry creates millions of jobs throughout the United States including right here in New Mexico. The impact of hunting and fishing in New Mexico alone is $1 billion creating thousands of jobs and boosting the rural economies of New Mexico. Since over 80% of New Mexican's hunt on public lands, it's that important and a key economic driver for the state. So I applaud Martin for his support of outdoor recreation on public lands and keeping our traditions alive. Thanks Senator Heinrich. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS

    1. Thanks for that comment Mr Young.

      I think the fact that the first person to come to the senator's defense is a Republican kind of proves my point.

  3. First of this story is way off base, I and every sportsman, American families, campers, hikers, hunters, OHV users, and all that use public lands are mostly the poor and Middleclass working class of mostly Hispanic and whites here in New Mexico, Colorado and western US who are not land owners.
    Church groups, Boy Scout troops, 4H clubs and countless others use and cherish these public lands that are for all. All of us mentioned above agree with Senator Heinrich. These lands belong to all for generations to come and should always stay in Federal hands. Several states have studied the cost of taking on public lands within their state and have found that in no way can they afford to take on these lands, but turn a blind eye to the facts. A lot of people complain about NFS and BLM, but do nothing to push for funding for these government identities to get them the additional resources that they need. Nor fo they talk to our representatives about promoting better land management to help reduce forest fires and enhance habitat while maintaining and improving access for all. The public land transfer issue has nothing to do with the financial being of NM people but is the one thing these people have - the main part of their heritage. Keep your hands off our public lands - Our public lands as they are is the one thing that is a huge part of our American freedom and is what separates us from the rest of the world. This one issue if pressed will come back to kill the politicians who support land transfers. We sportsman and all are mobilizing and will all fight to the end. Oh by the way this issue had nothing to do with the democrats and why they lost the election.
    Brian Thompson New Mexico

    1. Please some weekend afternoon compare numbers at the parking lot of a public land facility in New Mexico with the parking lot at a Wal Mart, which is where you'll find the vast majority of your poor and working class Hispanics and whites, spending the few hours they have to recover from the last work week before they begin the new one by consuming things made in China.

  4. It's such a comfort to know that my Subaru wagon (should I ever choose to get one) will have a parking space at Yellowstone.

    Actually I'm a life-long advocate for public parks, state recreation areas, public beaches, and the like. But I've spent most of my 69 years of life working, eating, and sleeping, not camping out or hiking in parks. While I heartily applaud Heinrich's staunch defense of public lands, the fact that he chooses THAT as his fixed post instead of something even more fundamental to the lives and livelihood of working Americans is telling. I think your comment is spot-on, Bubba M.

  5. Several incorrect assumptions in this writeup and I'll add my voice to others raising this point in the comments here. Working class America may not care for or respect establishment democrats like Hilary or Heinrich, but as democrats they have been the only thing standing in the way of the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare for the last 25 years. Rust belt voters in this last election literally created an electoral path in which to trade the nation's social safety net for a tax cut to the well off. The new majority in D.C. is not going to just stop at dismantling Obamacare when they have the means to undo the whole thing. If land conservation is viewed in isolation one can see that even then this issue breaks down to a choice between social benefit and corporate benefit, an argument put forth twice in previous comments. This is the choice in every national election. Clearly, land conservation as an issue does not rise to the same level of importance as stripping financial security from our nation's seniors but in our two party system these two issues are currently interchangeable. To resent the former position based on class and not see the much greater giveaway on the fiscal side is to miss the forest for the trees.

  6. Desert Dirt, it's because of people like you who every four years extract their heads from their asses just far enough so they can find their way to a voting booth that we have a reality TV star for president and face the dismantling of what little remains of the social safety net that you lament. I can't even believe that after this election there's still someone peddling the "incorrect assumption" that Democrats stand between us and anything. Hillary didn't even try that crap. All she could say was vote for me because of Trump.

    Talk about a "much greater giveaway." How about giving away the very idea of a middle class? You may be too young to remember it, but you should know about an America that once existed where the average working class wage earner had enough earning power so that one person working in a family could support the entire family, buy a house, a car, or two, all the kids who wanted to could attend college and graduate with a degree and be debt free or have at the most a miniscule debt, and he could retire in dignity with a pension and Social Security and not have to worry about Medicare Plan B or a Democratic president pushing crap like Chained CPI like Obama did while his Democrat senator Martin Heinrich sits there and says nothing about any of it. That America was one person working, 40 hours, not the average 50 hours two wage earners work now, both husband and wife, to maintain anything like that standard of living. Where does Martin Heinrich stand on that and on this wage earner having to decide between paying for food or medicine? Heinrich is running around having his picture taken in front of a pine tree and giving not a single fuck about it.

    Meanwhile this wage earner’s kids can't help him because they have $35,000 in college debt and have to go out into this new precarious employment economy every day to try and keep a roof over their heads, about which, again, Martin Heinrich never says or does anything. Please spare me any crap about Democrats standing in the way of anything. They never say anything about what the fuck ever happened to that America and in fact have worked hand in hand with Republicans to haul it to the garbage dump. There's your “giveaway on the fiscal side.” There's your bigger picture.

    Please look up a Democrat named Dennis Chavez, who voted for the bill that created Social Security and who wrote the legislation that created the Rural Electrification Administration, then read up on what those two programs did for this country. Compare how those two programs transformed America to writing a bill that sets aside some land for preservation. Your bigger picture is the very idea of what a Democrat is supposed to be, then versus now. It's an entire country's standard of living and our kids' futures down the crapper versus a parking lot with a few Subarus in it, and the entire lack of doing anything to fight against it, not writing any legislation, not speaking out about it, not using the access to the media he's been handed on a silver platter to build public sentiment against it by educating people about your corporate power and what the fuck has happened in this country, which thanks to Democrats like Heinrich now has wealth and income disparities worse than they were in the 1920s before actual Democrats like Dennis Chavez did something about it.