Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Emporer Has No Brains

This is a compilation of prominent politicians and celebrities saying that Donald Trump would never, ever be elected president. It was more of a shock to me than it was gratifying seeing this. I don't have a television so miss out on all this dazzling insight and analysis.

The liberal consensus, as represented in these video clips, has egg on its face, which can only be good news, as they are at the core of the terminal rot of our Capitalist system and one of the main reasons behind the election of Donald Trump, instead of a warmongering whore of Wall Street, as president, which is also good news for America and for hundreds of thousands of people in other countries who were in the way of its imperial ambition.

Not that they know they have egg on their faces. Glenn Greenwald's The Intercept has a piece on Maggie Haberman, the New York Times reporter shown in the video clip laughing in Democratic Rep Keith Ellison's face when he warned that Trump could win the election. Ellison is the left leaning Minnesota Muslim and Bernie Sanders supporter who wants to be the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Intercept piece shows how Haberman and the rest of the liberal consensus are undercutting Ellison and pushing for a conservative DNC chair. In other words, circling the wagons against the unwashed hoards who despite their every effort to rig the primaries almost propelled Bernie Sanders to power, and doubling down on the thinking that handed the election to Trump, the same thinking that has gutted the American working class and left young people staring into a bleak future of temporary employment at low wage jobs with no benefits. The rot leading to a future where increasing economic insecurity will ensure that the lesser parts of our natures only become more prominent and we'll be divided as a class into ever smaller groupings.

It's up to the American people to reverse this trend, working with workers in other countries and with workers of differing ideological persuasions in our country to wrest power from the elites in all nations. The election of Trump is good news in that it was a rejection of the system. It has given the people as sense of their power. But the wresting of power won't be accomplished through a political system but in the streets and in neighborhood meetings of citizens and civil society organizations like independent third parties, Arab-American cooperation leagues, Native American-Palestinian alliances and the like. As long as Republicans can divert working class anger into us loathing each other, and as long as Democrats are able to channel the basic human impulse to create a better world behind it's disastrous lesser of two evil-ism strategy and into identity politics, people will sit on their couches staring into TV screens thinking on some unconscious level that Republicans or Democrats are looking after them.

They aren't. Only we can do that. We have the power to do it.


  1. I hope the statisticians, pollsters and scientific elites warnings about climate change are on the mark as they surely led a lot of us astray about the recent election....

  2. Climate science is science. A lot of political "science" is mere speculation and/or wishful thinking. I think.