Saturday, December 10, 2016

Billionaire Democrats

Since the November 8 election of billionaire Donald Trump as US president there's a been slow drip of articles saying Democrats are mulling over the idea of getting rich liberals to run for political office. I think I first heard the suggestion from filmmaker Michael Moore.

It's hard for me to imagine how making members of the Capitalist ruling class the face of the Democratic Party will get it more votes from the millions of working people who are so fed up with the party that either they voted for Trump or boycotted the election.

Rather, I think, Democrats should think about how they came to be the party for which it's more important that two men can get married than it is for working class people to pay their bills and send their kids to college. Instead of getting further into bed with the ruling class Democrats should think about why they're OK with the fact that a gay man who makes his living panhandling is more likely to die of AIDS or Hepatitis than enjoy the right to a gay marriage.

Today's Democrats should think about how they got to the place where it's more important for a woman to have the option of having an abortion than it is for a poor woman to take her daughter to the doctor, a woman who won't be having an abortion because she can't afford to take off work and ride a bus for ten hours to the nearest abortion clinic. Before they get even further into bed with the rich they should think about why they don't seem care that because that woman can't afford to take her kid to the doctor or provide her with a decent diet the kid may well end up with a disability of some kind that will saddle her for the rest of her life.


  1. Ouch! Though I do agree with your premise about a poor ranking of priorities on the part of Dems being a cause of losing the blue collar vote. Still in spite of occasional indifference to the cause of gay marriage rights I paraphrase Voltaire by saying a denial of equal justice for one is a denial for all....

  2. Hi TroutBirder. Of course denying anyone's rights is a denial of everyone's rights. I don't think Bubba is arguing otherwise. It's just that the Democrats seem (once again, or still) to be falling into lockstep with Republicans in positing that rich people's interests are more important than working people's interests. Or, at the very least, that rich people know what's good for the rest of us better than we ourselves know.