Tuesday, December 27, 2016

From Matt Christman

Someone transcsribed this rant by Matt Christman, one of the hosts of the Chapo Trap House podcast, a 'much listened to among certain segments' podcast by a group of young intellectually and politically engaged comics and writers who talk about the issues of the day, conduct interviews with interesting people, etc. I heard the episode this comes from the other night and when I got home transcribed a little of Christman's rant myself and was going to make a post out of it myself but someone has done the whole thing.

The Politico article Christman refers to is here. It tells how the Clinton campaign ignored warnings from people on the ground in Michigan, and other states, that she was in trouble there, but that an arrogance among top campaign officials who thought they had it all figured out and that Clinton would coast to an  easy victory caused them to ignore repeated pleas for assistance.

Christman, more importantly, by way of his rant, gets into why the Democratic Party itself is in so much trouble and why so many people who could be a vibrant part of it now openly loathe the party.

Later in the podcast they talked about how a person's economic security -- i.e. their work and their job and how they're doing and how they feel about the state of the economy and their own situation and so forth -- is easily the dominant factor in a person's life, and yet incredibly the Democratic Party has decided they can ignore all that and just run on identity politics.

Or, in the case of someone like Martin Heinrich, they can campaign on parks and recreation. It's all he talks about. Go look at his web site and his Facebook. You'll see nothing about economics. He's been making bravado proclamations about how Donald Trump will take away our parks over his dead body but he never says that about anyone taking away his constituents economic security, their jobs, their retirements. On all that, like almost every other Democrat, he's in effect saying, "You're on your own buddy."

They seem to be saying, "I've got my big salary, my fancy title, my gold plated retirement, my platinum plated health care that you will never, ever, dream of having. Four kids to feed? No husband? Working three or four piss poor jobs with no benefits? Glad I'm not you."

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  1. We could tell two months before the election that Clinton was in trouble in Michigan. We would drive up toward Paw Paw or Kalamazoo via the back roads and would see all the yard signs sprouting like mushrooms: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Hillary, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Hillary, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump ... -- all the way up those back roads. Taking a different route coming back it would be the same. Maybe the Clintonians thought the African-American voters in Detroit would turn out for them in large numbers automatically; but eventually, after enough election cycles of empty rhetoric, people do catch on to the bullshit.