Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Brave New World Year

In which we're about to find out what the country would have been like if it had been started by some of the founding fathers' cousins.

As we enter the new era our media will be of no help to us. It knows nothing but Neoliberalism and now it's gone berserk. Unable to accept the results of the election it's making wild claims about Russia every day that everyone buys into even though they're all retracted a few days later.

Nothing that's been written about Russian hacking has been true. None of it. There's no evidence for any of those so called CIA or any other spy agency conclusions whatsoever, and if you take the time to actually read what the spy agencies actually said, they only suggest things. They leave themselves a big fat out. The media printed it as if it was fact.

Russia didn't hack the election, it didn't hack the electric grid. That's all been retracted. What the media told us was Russian computer code, that was left in our computers, turned out to be common malware. It's nuts.

The good thing is that the Democrats lost the election. The long, slow, gradual, lesser of two evils decline during which people thought right up to the very end that the Democrats were on their side is finally over and done with. Hallueffinglujah.

Best Video Of 2016

I don't think I've posted this video here. I came across it back when I was still on Facebook and came across it again the other day. It's been re-posted a lot -- gone viral as they say. When I saw it first I seriously thought Moe Shama was a professional comedian or something but now I see that he's a truck driver in Chicago who just makes videos for fun - although they have gained him some notoriety in some parts of the media like Aljazeera.

Moe was born in the US but is of Palestinian descent. Note that his wife is wearing a hijab based on Palestinian flag; they're definitely making political statements, about Palestine and about Muslims, as does much of the work Moe has done that I've seen. Make sure you watch his kids in the video. Great kids. Great family.

Flint Sitdown Strike

Yesterday was its 80th anniversary and I wrote a long blog post that I ended up not posting expressing my anger that most Americans have no idea whatsoever what the Flint Sitdown Strike was or what its significance was in them having the living standard they have.

You can come up with some pretty good reasons for why that is, and that don't even cast Americans as damn fool idiots, but the fact that it's true means the living standard you have now won't be around when your grandchildren are your age. The anomaly that was the great golden age of the post World War II American and European working classes is finished and short of some miracle we'll return to the historical norms that Thomas Piketty and his colleagues have documented, where workers barely get by and wealth and income inequality remain massive generation after generation. 

As I say, the media will be of no help to us. Neither will any politician. It's all up to us, just like it always was. Voting, making signs, signing petitions, joining some organization, will do no good. We have to become entirely different people. Only when we do what those common everyday uneducated racist sexist workers who worked at the General Motors Flint Assembly Plant in 1936 did will we start to get ourselves out of this mess.

I don't think Americans have it in them. I could be wrong. I hope so, but I don't think so. Happy New Year!

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