Sunday, December 4, 2016

He Showed That It Was Possible

As the world continues to mourn the passing of Fidel Castro, one of the most admired and respected men of the modern era everywhere in the world except the USA, Cuban President Raul Castro gave the eulogy for his brother on Saturday in Santiago de Cuba, the town on the southern Cuban coast where the revolution they led began that brought socialism to Cuba and freed its people from the iron hand of US colonialism.

Raul's message was that Fidel showed that it's possible. If your will is strong and your idealism is unwavering you can teach everyone to read, combat racism, have the best health care system in the world and have it serve everyone, have an infant mortality rate that's better than countries ten times as wealthy. The list went on and on. Fidel, he said, showed that it's possible to build socialism even as the most powerful imperial power in history is trying to destroy you.

"He showed that it was possible," Raul said, "that it can be done and that it will be possible to overcome any obstacle, threat or turbulence in our firm purpose to build socialism in Cuba."


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