Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Battle Of Aleppo Is In Its Final Stages

The US war against Syria might be over before Donald Trump has a chance to end it. I don't know if that's irony or what, but it's good news for the people of Aleppo, who  are happy to see the US backed "rebels" being routed from their last strongholds, according to some Twitter accounts from Aleppo I've been monitoring that tell a completely different story of that war than the one we're given by the US media. I've seen videos of civilians coming from the "rebel" held eastern Aleppo overjoyed to be lined up at government run relief centers telling how they had been held prisoner by the jihadist US-backed "rebels" with anyone who tried to leave being shot.

US backed "rebel".
This situation wouldn't be unfolding if Hillary Clinton, who played the central role in starting that war when she was secretary of state and who had promised to continue and escalate it and would have brought with her many of the warmongers who surrounded her in the state department and the Neocons who supported her, had won the presidential election. The Obama Administration seems to have given up on  trying to win and is looking for ways to save face, aided in that endeavor by the US mainstream press which still refers to the US' proxy fighting force as the "moderate" rebels. People in Aleppo say they were Al Qaida Islamic fundamentalists who beheaded people in the streets and expected everyone to live according to Sharia law and who the US, like it has in other places such as Libya and Afghanistan, merely enlisted to carry out its regime change ambitions.

There's no doubt an element of propaganda to what the pro-Assad Syrians are putting out on Twitter and on news sites but one thing is for sure, the US has caused a lot of civilian deaths over there, probably 250,000, trying to overthrow the sovereign government of a country it had no business interfering in. Along the way it risked starting a war with nuclear armed Russia and caused a massive refugee crises that has led to the rise of right wing and fascist parties all over Europe, some of which have already taken power already and some of whom are about to.

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