Sunday, December 18, 2016

US Imperialism

As'ad abu Kahlil, the University of California professor who authors the widely read Angry Arab blog, posted a link to this picture of a Syrian bus driver killed by US backed "rebels." You may have seen news reports of a row of buses that had been sent by the Syrian government to evacuate civilians from east Aleppo that had been burned by US backed "rebels"

The US government's and the US media's narrative about the Al Qaida "rebels" who the US is funding and arming and using as proxies in its attempt to overthrow Syrian president Bashar Assad has been kind of falling apart over the last few weeks due to social media accounts from civilians who have made it out of "rebel" held East Aleppo. It's hard for the US media to ignore first hand witness accounts by the kind of everyday people they have been using as propaganda tools for the last five years.

I clicked on that picture of the bus driver and it brought up the complete photograph. You can see that the driver is wearing gloves with the fingers cut out. I know truck drivers who wear such gloves. They help the palms of the hands absorb the jolts of the road and they make it easier to grip the steering wheel over long stretches of driving while leaving the fingers able to perform tasks that require dexterity like working the controls or the radio or lighting a cigarette.

They also keep your hands warm. This guy in the picture looks like he's dressed for driving something without much heat in it. He's got the heavy woven shirt under his outer dress shirt and he has a muffler around his neck. He's wearing an insulated corduroy jacket.

Just some poor schmuck trying to do his job, under less than comfortable conditions, another of the hundreds of thousands and probably millions of innocent victims of the ongoing endless mad rampage through the Middle East by the exceptional imperial United States.

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