Sunday, January 15, 2017

Corey Booker's Pro Big Pharma Vote Means He's A Dead Duck. Could Martin Heinrich Be Next?

An intense social media assault on New Jersey Democratic senator Cory Booker continued over the weekend and picked up steam in Leftist media for his Wednesday vote to prevent Americans from buying Canadian prescription medicine. New Mexico's Martin Heinrich also voted no, i.e., with big pharma and against Americans struggling to afford their medicines. I wrote about it the other day.

Booker is drawing ire from the Left because he's being promoted by establishment Democrats as their 2020 presidential candidate of choice. However, the Democratic Party establishment's election rigging that gave Hillary Clinton the 2016 nomination hasn't been forgotten by Berniecrats, and they are promising that Booker's vote amounts to his political obituary. Example. Example.

The question that remains is what will become of lesser knowns like Heinrich and the other 12 Democrats who voted for big pharma and against working Americans. Theirs were the votes that sunk the amendment, because it had the support of 12 Republicans.

Heinrich was one of those establishment Democrats who endorsed Hillary Clinton before they even knew who was running, as did most party office holders and officials here. Even with that kind of backing, Hillary only won New Mexico's 2016 primary by a 51.5 to 48.5 margin over Bernie Sanders, 111,334 votes to 104,741.

And that despite there not being any Leftist media in New Mexico and no organized Left. The Democratic Party here is controlled by fiscally conservative Democrats, which means that fiscal conservatives like former senator Jeff Bingamon, once in office, have had little trouble staying there. Also, the party establishment here, due to New Mexico's ballot access laws, tightly controls who is allowed to get on the ballot, so business friendly Democrats like former governor Bill Richardson, once they have the support of the party establishment, don't have to worry about challenges from the Left from candidates who might raise a different set of issues, issues that would mobilize public sentiment and lead to greater voter turnout. As it is, a minority of New Mexicans, who are for the most part doing well and are fine with economic conservatism, decide who wins primaries and who holds office.

I remarked the other day that a large majority of Americans, including those who vote Republican, favor economic policies far to the left of the policies establishment Democrats will support, such as single payer health care, raising taxes on the rich and corporations, and increasing the Social Security "cap"that harms the economic viability of that program. An article in Salon today goes through some of those polices and cites the public opinion figures. You'd probably be surprised. On economic matters Americans are way to the left of the political class.

And if there were free and fair elections here, during which policies people actually support could be brought forth and debated, conservative Democrats like Martin Heinrich, Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan, who campaign largely on identity politics or diversionary issues like parks and recreation, and then vote, like Heinrich just did, for profit over peoples' lives, who issue fine sounding statements but have voted repeatedly to cut things like veteran's benefits, federal employees' retirements and Head Start, would soon be history. They'd either change their tunes or pack their bags.

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