Monday, January 16, 2017

Hysterical Liberals Are Attacking Anything That Moves

It's bad enough seeing Democrats attack Donald Trump from the right for talking about having good relations with Russia, and now about nuclear arms reduction, but there's also the problem of Democrats accusing anyone who questions anything they say of being a "Kremlin stooge" and "Russian collaborator," of aiding and abetting the enemy.

I've never really had that kind of rhetoric hurled at me since I started identifying myself as a Socialist. This, now, however, sounds like something else. It's engulfed large parts of the liberal establishment.

I understand that they're deeply disappointed. I understand that nationalism is ingrained into them from birth, that it's the norm. It doesn't help that most Americans call it patriotism, as if it's not really nationalism.

A lot of hatred and invective has been emanating from the Republican voting working class since Barak Obama has been in office, some of which was racially tinged but a lot of it was because they felt like they were out of power and being run over by what the right wing media has been telling them for a long time was an evil ideology. But those people don't set the tone for social discourse in the country. That's done by the liberal establishment, that has gotten it to be accepted to be gay and lesbian, black, a woman. Now the liberal establishment is on the dark side.

The kind of caustic, McCarthyite language and thinking that's coming from them will eat away at the social fabric. The ones who were  holding the line on hatred and helping scale back the venom are now the ones ramping up the hostility and making hatred socially acceptable and are practically guaranteeing that others will do even worse.


  1. Notable are the exceptions. You don't hear Bernie Sanders indulging in this incessant Russia-bashing or even Trump-bashing, except insofar as Trump or his Republican cohorts are threatening to unravel the social safety net. And then it is more of a defense of working and poor Americans than any sort of bashing of anybody.

    But yes, the Democratic Establishment (which systematically worked to tank Sanders' presidential campaign from even before his candidacy was announced in 2015) is all-in with the Russia-bashing, Trump-bashing, and looking a lot like Mitch McConnell did in 2009 when he vowed to make Obama a one-term President.

    I think their minds are poisoned. There is no reasoning with these Democrats. Sadly, millions of voters agree with them.

    Millions of others though -- including most Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Gloria La Riva voters -- have lost even the last shred of respect for the Democratic Party. The Democrats' bullshit is disappointing, and it is wearing thin.

    Pete Buttigieg (pronounced BOOT-edge-edge), the Mayor of South Bend, is currently pitching to become DNC chair. He's relatively young and handsome, has that winsome Colgate smile, is a combat veteran, is gay, and although he has done some commendable things in South Bend is way too enamored of capitalism to win my support. He's typical of the Democratic Establishment, and so he's got a good shot at winning the post. If they choose Pete Buttigieg over Keith Ellison (a relatively progressive Democratic congressman from Minnesota), then I think they are sealing their fate. The Democratic Party is becoming the new Whig Party, which withered-up and died in 1860.

  2. Ready! FIRE! Aim? Bound to hit something, just watch out for the friendly fire. Normally lots of collateral damage.

  3. George Orwell: Notes on Nationalism (1945)