Monday, January 9, 2017

I Forgot I Even Had These

Two months after the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the most cohesive message from congressional Democrats is: blame Russia. The party leaders have doubled down on an approach that got nowhere during the presidential campaign — trying to tie the Kremlin around Donald Trump’s neck.

Still more interested in playing to the press gallery than speaking directly to the economic distress of voters in the Rust Belt and elsewhere who handed the presidency to Trump, top Democrats would much rather scapegoat Vladimir Putin than scrutinize how they’ve lost touch with working-class voters.

Says Norman Solomon writing in The Hill on the misguided and dangerous path Democrats are heading down. Because many powerful Republicans also want to revive the cold War and make Russia  our scary external enemy again a president Trump could be railroaded into actions that could lead to global human catastrophe, Solomon writes. Come to think of it, aren't these the same Democrats who warned us about Trump having his finger on the nuclear button?

And of course we hear nothing from our hapless Democrats here in New Mexico about the working class, working people, working families, Social Security, Medicare, massive and growing wealth and income inequality, the poor, their children, anyone's children, nothing about our economic well being at all even as they desperately try to hold onto their prestigious positions, fat paychecks and platinum plated health care. It's "Trump, Trump, Trump" from these self interested self promoters.

In all of the dozens of emails I've received from Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan since the election there have been maybe two sideways references to working class interests thrown in as an afterthought. Certainly none of these guys is going to hold high the banner and lead the march down Central Avenue.

No, our Democrats represent the "we are morally superior to you" wing of the Democratic Party, which apparently actress Meyrl Streep spoke for at some kind of awards ceremony last night in a performance that got a lot of headlines and is deconstructed by Eileen Jones in Jacobin in a manner that makes you want to jump to your feet and shout.

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