Sunday, January 8, 2017


Jeep is coming out with a pickup again, says an article about one of these Trump effect announcements, this one from Fiat-Chrysler announcing plans to keep some jobs in the US. (Jobs where workers will start out at little more than minimum wage thanks to nominally Democratic president Barak Obama, in league with the union leadership, forcing a two tier pay scale down autoworkers' throats as a condition of his "government bailout" of Fiat Chrysler and GM.)

The new indentured servant-made pickups however will be made in beautiful Toledo, OH, not far from the little Ohio town in the cornfields where I was born, Norwalk. I first knew of Toledo of course because my dad, who was driving for Norwalk Truck Line, sometimes went to Toledo in the truck. If you're looking for Toledo on the map it's down the road from the town with my second all time favorite place name after Flatonia, TX,  Sandusky, OH.

The Jeep pickup announcement caught my eye and made me curious as to what it will look like because awhile back I had it in my head for a time that I wanted a Jeep pickup and only then did I learn that they didn't make them anymore. Not that I wanted a new one -- I've never bought a new car not having the desire to make a house payment for a sleazebag car salesman and another one for his sleazebag car dealer boss -- but there are usually a few used Jeep pickups for sale on Craigslist.

The fact that they no longer made them was one of those, maybe not milestones but bumps in the road. Despite not having ever had any interest in Jeep pickups before, they evidently are part of my American psychic landscape, the familiar river of patterns and shapes my unconscious floats down on its back while it looks up Marilyn Monroe's skirt which is similar to looking up at the Milky Way.

A 1974 for sale in Commerce, OK for $5,000

I see in Road and Track where the new Jeep pickup instead of being full sized like they were will be based on the Wrangler, which are those things you see running around with a canvas top and sides that look like what you'd think a Jeep looks like.

Maybe it will look something like this, a 2005 Concept model that was shown at auto shows that Jeep called “a lifestyle pick-up with all the capability of the famed Wrangler.” This had a four cylinder that allegedly had some torque, a six speed manual and GPS.

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