Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mainstream Fake Media

Editor of The Intercept Glenn Greenwald, who is now one of the few remaining voices of sanity among top media figures, this morning goes into the ramifications of the two recent blockbuster fake news stories about Russia published by the Washington Post that have both been retracted because they were entirely false.

Few Americans are aware the articles were untrue and have been retracted. Both were disseminated far and wide on social media by top figures in the news business, including reporters and editors of the nation's top newspapers the Post and the New York Times, all of whom have many thousands of social media followers but who, when the stories quickly fell apart, didn't follow up and inform their followers that the articles were false.

These kind of fake news stories coming from the mainstream media represent a strange and disheartening confluence of several things. Democrats are fueling the fake news because it furthers the narrative they are promoting that they lost the election because of Putin and not because they rigged the nominating process in order to nominate highly flawed, extremely unpopular, unelectable Hillary Clinton, who then campaigned on the same identity politics, anti worker, pro Wall Street platform that has caused support for the party to collapse at all levels of government.

Democrats are also the primary force behind the ongoing, one-sided and dangerous re-launch of the Cold War. President Obama is as responsible as anyone as he recklessly endorses and furthers the fake news narrative and rather stupidly heightens tensions with nuclear armed Russia.

Defense contractors are of course overjoyed as they stand to benefit richly, and the money that will be funneled to them by the truck load means even less for programs that help we the people, who, because of the Democrats' tax policies, will pay practically the entire bill.

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