Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Ah  yes, The president we could have had if the Democratic Party hadn't pushed the highly unpopular Hillary Clinton on us. Sanders for decades has won re-election in conservative Vermont, a red state that just elected a Republican governor. I just read that his approval rating there is 86 percent.

Of course that's water over the damn, as they say. The question is, what now? Did anybody learn anything? I see no push anywhere, least of all here in here in New Mexico, to get rid of the elected officials who endorsed Clinton before they even knew who was gong to run, who give us nothing but palbum while they vote for Clintonite conervsative economic policies, who boast that they would lay down their life to save a nature preserve but never utter a peep about Social Security or Medicare. Who enjoy platinum plated health care for themselves and their families while their fellow New Mexicans can't afford to go to a doctor and die early deaths.


  1. I wished you had identified the two fake stories in your post, being the somewhat naïve type, I must have missed them..:)

    1. Sorry about that Sr T. Here are links to each article. You can see that both now have editors notes above them addressing the mistakes the Post admits to. Both have been altered, as the notes explain.

      The first article received a lot of criticism from people within the media, mainly because of those "experts" they quoted: it was just one shadowy web site. No one knows who runs it, what their qualifications are if any, etc.

      It also was criticized because the shadowy web site keeps a list of "Russian propaganda sites" that includes some US "alternative media" web sites that are some of the mainstays of progressive media like Black Agenda Report or Alternet. The list has been changed after the criticism but still includes sites like that, that they call Russian agents simply because they criticize US foreign policy.

      Which criteria makes me a card carrying KGB agent. There's very little if anything about US foreign policy that I agree with. Comrade.

  2. Comrade Bubba: Those criteria pretty much put a KGB card in my wallet too. Time to "Fight for peace, equality, democracy and socialism."