Friday, January 27, 2017

Via Campesina

Here's a 4 minute video put together by Venezuela Analysis about some people who on January 4 took possession of an unproductive ranch under provisions of the constitution passed when Hugo Chavez was president, and without the approval of and in defiance of the current Socialist government. The idea for it comes from the landless peoples' movement, which is worldwide. In Latin America it goes by Via Campesina and has been developed most thoroughly by the landless peasant movement in Brazil, once headed by Luis Ignacio De Silva who later became Brazil's president and whose successor Dilma Rouseff was ousted not long ago in a US backed coup.

This, the idea of it, the idea that poor people have a right to eat and to have land and to work it themselves for their own benefit and not for the benefit of rich people, is what the United States government, directly and through the old oligarchy in each country, has been trying to destroy.

The Monroe Doctrine established that the US government has the right to depose any Latin American government and install any right wing military dictatorship it wants to anywhere in Latin America. When I say "United States government" I mean Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Kerry, the people who've been in charge of US foreign policy the last eight years and I mean the entire Democratic Party establishment that backs all of it, none of whom, not one, not Bernie Sanders, not Elizabeth Warren, certainly no one from New Mexico, have any problem with any of this policy of the US government's crushing of democracy and outright trampling on the rights and lives of these peoples nor has any one of them uttered a single word of protest against it.

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