Sunday, January 8, 2017

Zionist Hasbara/Fake News

Prominent New Mexico commentator Jim Baca writes today about New Mexico's Democratic congress members siding with Republicans, the Zionist lobby and president-elect Donald Trump and against President Obama when they voted for a US House resolution that condemns the recent US abstention from a vote in the United Nations Security Council that allowed a rare resolution criticizing Israel's settlement policies to pass. The US traditionally vetoes such resolutions even as they have overwhelming support from the rest of the world -- the recent Security Council vote was 14-0 against Israel with only the US abstaining.

Sadly, in an Albuquerque Journal article posted this weekend in which the members of New Mexico's federal delegation were asked about this issue, every one of them, and the Journal reporter who wrote the article, discuss Israel-Palestine as if they're reading from a script written by an Israeli government Hasbara department.

Hasbara, explained here in an article in +972, a magazine published by young Israelis who oppose their nation's treatment of Palestinians and theft of Palestinian land, is Hebrew for propaganda, which is passed on without question by the US media and has been instrumental in keeping most Americans from knowing anything that remotely resembles the truth about what goes on in Israel-Palestine -- like the continual and ongoing theft of Palestinian land by Israel through the settlement building the UN resolution criticizes, by confiscating land for military purposes and so-called nature reserves and for the building of the apartheid wall that separates the remaining Palestinian enclaves from the land Israel has stolen; as it snakes across the landscape, separating Palestinians towns from each other and sometimes Palestinians from their own orchards and fields, the wall is being built well into Palestinian territory and gobbles up thousands of acres of Palestinian land. Like the settlements the wall is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit making changes to militarily occupied land and expelling populations from it.

Besides their land being stolen, Palestinians are subjected to continual and often deadly harassment by the Israeli occupying army, and more and more from the "settlers" themselves who have been coming down from their hilltop towns and cities, or "settlements," in gangs to attack Palestinians, burn Palestinian fields, uproot centuries old Palestinian olive groves, kill Palestinian farm animals and otherwise commit what Israelis refer to as "Price Tag" attacks, which the UN puts at one per day.

Weekly reports on Israeli human rights violations are listed in the Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory from the Palestinian Center For Human Rights whose web site I link to at the right. This week's report is unusual in that it lists no Palestinian deaths; it's usually portrayed in the US that there's some kind of equivalency of violence or that Palestinians are the terrorists, but Palestinians are killed at almost ten times the rate Israelis are as recorded by If Americans Knew, one of several US-based Jewish groups that oppose Israel's policies.

Baca is absolutely right in saying that the unconditional support by US politicians for Israel and its "settlement" i.e. land theft policies has to do with the tremendous amount of money supporters of Zionism funnel into US politics.

In other words, for a few pieces of silver our representatives in congress like Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan can overlook Israel's continual land theft, its violent occupation of Palestine, its apartheid legal system and its decades long record of violence against Palestinians,.

And they can get away with it redhanded because of the wholly dishonest way the US media, to its eternal shame, tells the Israel-Palestine story.

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  1. I always thought that "hasbara" is the Hebrew word for "bullshit."