Friday, February 17, 2017

Bernie Would Have Won

Susan Sarandon was trending on Twitter the other night with over 26,000 tweets. The impetus was an MSNBC politics program earlier in the evening where she said the usual Bernie supporter things that rile up Hillary Clinton fans and re-ignite their collective anger. For hours she was being called a delusional bitch who should be punched in the face.

These collective outbursts have been spreading through social media in wave after wave. They get nasty, a simultaneous savagery unleashed in every direction - at Trump, Russia, Putin, Sanders supporters, Ralph Nader, the King of Sicily, four barrel carburetors, tortilla chips, anything and everything that didn't fervently expectantly hope Hillary would win. It goes the other way, too. It goes in all ways.

This anger, the anger of millions, that put Trump in the White House, is controlling the agenda. No politician, commentator or lawyer has caused any nominee to withdraw or any court to issue an injunction. Democrats and Republicans shrink from it, the sense that the people sense of their own power, the anger of the Trump voters, the Bernie and the Hillary voters, the non voters, the young Blacks, the people of all ages swelling the ranks of the Democratic Socialists of America, marching on the capital, screaming at their representatives at town hall meetings, swamping switchboards, crashing servers, chanting en masse at airports, all of them with bellies full of food and hearts devoid of empathy, and all in need of the love and fulfillment that Capitalism can't provide.

All Capitalism can give you is Youngstown.

 All it can give you is Syria.

The video is the work of Andrew Callaway.

The music he used, appropriately, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, made into a super monster mega hit by Cindy Lauper, was written by a guy named Robert Rimato, a musician from Pennsylvania who went by the stage name Robert Hazard. Read about his interesting, short life here. He only ever recorded a scratchy demo of the song, here.

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  1. Psychologists tell us that depression is anger turned inward, so maybe anger is depression turned outward. Better out than in?

    Did you happen to see the President's press conference yesterday? About 90 minutes of pure bile streaming from Trump's id. Interesting to see people's reactions to it. They run the gamut from horror and smirks to grins and glee. There's a definite division. Maybe Trump should do this every week. Better out than in.

    Thanks, Bubba, for the background on "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Always knew Cyndi was a genius, but didn't realize there was another genius behind that song. Wish I could've seen Robert Hazard's band The Heroes playing in one of those bars in 1981.

    When are American workers going to realize that capitalism sucks? Specifically, it sucks workers' life energy and leaves them angry, depressed, and ultimately dead. Not just American workers. Workers.