Friday, February 3, 2017

Fukishima Now Leaking "Unimaginable" Levels Of Radiation

It's being reported by multiple media outlets that radiation has begun leaking through a "gaping hole" in one of the damaged Fukishima nuclear reactors on the Pacific coast in Japan and has spiked to many times the levels seen even immediately after the 2011 disaster; going from a previous record of 73 sieverts per hour to 530 sieverts per hour. Even at the lower levels that radiation has been showing up in sea life and up and down the west coast of the US and is suspected to be causing illnesses in babies.

So let's make more radioactive material that has a half life of a quarter million years, ten times the length of the longest known human civilizations. Yessiree, so that we can light a light bulb for ten minutes let's make another few million tons of that tumor causing crap and then bury it under the desert so that long, long, long, long after we're gone, if by some miracle it hasn't already spread to the water supply down there that we live off of, some earthquake or volcano or fissure in the earth's crust or maybe the rising seal level can expose it and kill off what's left of life on earth.

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