Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hogwash America, Land That I Love.

I'm suddenly getting all kinds of emails from New Mexico Democrats assuring me they're on a major crusade to pass an amendment to overturn Citizen's United, the Supreme Court decision that allowed unlimited campaign donations.

Hogwash higher piled I have not seen.

First, they know very well that there's zero chance of such an amendment passing the required 2/3 of the state houses because these same Democrats who just lost to a deranged used car salesman have made sure Republicans have complete control of 2/3 of the state houses.

Maybe they think Citizens United is the winning strategy for the 2018 mid terms. In the last mid terms in 2014 Democrats ran on the minimum wage and lost nine seats in the senate and 13 in the house. People say Democrats haven't learned any lessons from this last election and neither have they from the one before that.

This survey gives a nice rundown of what Americans are thinking right now. One thing it shows is that it's Democrats who are the warmongers.

And now here's Kate.

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