Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is Heinrich Trump's Handmaiden?

US representative Earl Blumenauer, from Portland, OR, who wrote this tweet, is a real Democrat.

In New Mexico we have politicians who run as Democrats but they're only liberal on gay marriage and abortion. On economic issues they vote with the Republicans. They vote for budgets that slash social spending. They've voted to cut Head Start, federal retirements, Social Security and many other things.

One of them, senator Martin Heinrich, joined with Republicans the other day to kill a Bernie Sanders amendment that would have allowed Americans to buy, from Canada, the exact same medicine they pay a whole lot more for here. Then he voted for Donald Trump's nominee for defense secretary, a guy who many people consider to be a multiple war criminal.

When Neil Gorsuch was nominated for the Supreme Court, Heinrich, who will vote on the nomination, instead of saying something like Earl Blumenauer said, emailed this out:


Last night, President Trump announced his nominee for the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch.

Now it is up to the Senate to ensure that Gorsuch will uphold the Constitution and the rule of law or if he will bend to the whims of Donald Trump.

We have already seen alarming steps from Donald Trump to interfere with the rule of law. This week he fired the acting Attorney General who refused to defend his Muslim travel ban.

Public servants who apply or defend our laws should do so based on the Constitution, not on the political arm bending of Donald Trump.

As I review Gorsuch’s credentials and views, I will ensure that the Constitution and the rule of law comes first to any nominee for the highest court.

Thank you for your dedicated support,


P.S. Follow me on Facebook and on Twitter for the latest updates on my work in the Senate and fight for our values.

As you can see, Heinrich says nothing in his email about the slimy way the Republicans blocked President Obama's nominee in order to leave Anton Scalia's old seat on the high court open. He doesn't argue that Republicans set a precedent Democrats could justifiably use, if they could somehow find the guts, to keep the seat open indefinitely.

Heinrich says none of that. If you read what Heinrich writes, he's not vowing to oppose Gorsuch at all. He doesn't even come close to saying that.

On the contrary, if you look past the meaningless platitudes about upholding the constitution and read what he's actually saying, Heinrich is essentially saying he'll vote for Gorsuch unless Gorsuch gives him some outlandish reason not to.

For the good of the people of New Mexico and the people of America I hope he finds out what's been coming out about Gorsuch, who wrote that horrible Hobby Lobby decision that gives employers the right to make up their own laws and call it religious freedom. I hope Heinrich learns about some of the bizarre decisions Gorsuch has written that have serious authoritarian undertones in the way they expand the power of corporations and the state and strip away citizens' rights. I hope he figures out Gorsuch is just the kind of judge a president with fascist tendencies would want.

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