Monday, February 27, 2017

La La Land

la la land

1. a state of being out of touch with reality.
2. (usually initial capital letters) Los Angeles.

One of last night's Oscars went to a documentary about the White Helmets, a civilian rescue group in Syria with a reputation for pulling people out of the rubble of bombed buildings.

I don't know if any of the Hollywood liberals knew it but that group is a propaganda project created by western intelligence to promote regime change and intervention in Syria and is funded by the notorious USAID - United States Agency for International Development -- the state department arm most known to people like me for being one of the conduits money is funneled through to fund opposition groups in countries whose governments the US wants to overthrow. The above ground partner of the CIA.

Quite a few independent media exposes like this and this have demonstrated not only the White Helmets' intelligence connections and propaganda function but also that they're allied with and work with al Nusra, the Syrian branch of al Qaeda which, along with its many ideological clones, the US has outsourced its war against Syria to, mythologies about "moderate rebels' notwithstanding.

There's YouTube video of White Helmets dancing victory dances in the street with the al Qaeda militia they're embedded with and staging rescues for the camera here or this funny one where they dig through rubble inside of a building where the walls and roof are still intact. I've seen one that shows them waiting until the camera is in place before they rush into a building and there's a gruesome video of an Al Qaeda execution where a kneeling man in blue sweats is shot in the back of the head and then two White Helmets run up and put the body in a body bag.

The CIA people who helped start the war on Syria under the auspices of former foreign secretary Hillary Clinton who is still the war's most loyal backer are feeling mighty satisfied Hollywood has given their project its highest seal of approval.


  1. Even the name of the group -- "White Helmets" -- smacks of Hollywood. You're old enough, Bubba, to remember all those Westerns we watched as kids wherein the good guys exclusively wore white hats. From Tom Mix and Hop-along Cassidy to Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger, the white hat was always the sure trademark of the good guy, the hero, the guy who wouldn't dream of spitting on a sidewalk much less abandoning a damsel in distress. It was such an established stereotype that by 1957 Hollywood filmmakers and crafters of television entertainment were reacting against it with heroes (or antiheroes) wearing black hats. So we had Paladin in "Have Gun Will Travel" dressed all in black, including his iconic hat. Brett Maverick -- a "good guy" who was also a bit of a rogue -- also wore a black hat.

    But the "white hat" Hollywood stereotype -- it may even have a racial overtone -- was too firmly established in our collective cultural psyche to be stamped-out by those reactions. It has endured into our time with "white hat hackers" being those computer geeks who help the FBI track down the "black hat hackers." The latter, BTW, include such alleged "Russians" as Gucifer 2. If Gucifer 2 has a hat, it's more like Paladin's than Hop-along's.

  2. BTW, to me Gucifer 2 is no less a hero than Paladin. Have IP will travel.

    1. Just be careful and don't mention Gucifer 2 in front of any of those critical stage Hillbots who are only beginning to work themselves into salivating lathers over Berniebots, Vladmirbots, Russiabots and Donaldbots and whatever bots come within lashing out at distance. There are people on Twitter making careers out of Hillrage. But seriously, I wasn't sure what Gucifer 2 was so started reading the Wikipedia article only to learn that Hillbots have hacked it and it's nothing but unsubstantiated everyone's fault but ours allegations the Washington Post will run as its lead story tomorrow.

      But thanks for that reminder about Paladin. I loved Paladin. I see a couple people have put 200 of the shows 225 episodes on youtube. I have something to do in my retirement yee ha.

      As far as your main point though, very interesting, I didn't think of that, and I'm always glad when I find an English language convention I still understand.