Saturday, February 11, 2017


The world isn't coming to an end after all. Not today. You know an administration is on the back foot when the mainstream media can call you a cuckold, which Talking Points Memo publisher John Marshall does in the headline for his article about three key issues Donald Trump has backed down on and adopted more mainstream positions on in the past two days -- China, the travel ban and the Iran deal.

These are all big deals and the news that Trump will honor Barak Obama's nuclear agreement with Iran is especially significant. Trump has surrounded himself with Iran haters like Mad Dog Mattis who along with the Israel lobby and key members of the Neocon dominated foreign policy establishment have been trying to pressure Trump into starting a war with Iran.

It's also significant that the one area European Union leaders are still concerned about is that Trump hasn't become a Russia hater --i.e. hasn't caved to tremendous pressure from the US establishment and its media megaphones which put out a nonstop narrative that Russia is about the take over the world, with a military 1/10 that of the US and that it mostly keeps within its own borders unlike the US which has close to 1,000 military instillation spanning the entire globe.

Neocon Hillary Clinton was Russia hater and Putin demonizer Numero Uno and if she'd been elected president the US would have ground troops in Syria and the US and Russian war machines would be on high alert.

Note: Taken with the post below about Trump not buying into the dangerously idiotic concept of "American Exceptionalism" -- which him being the president of the US de A is the most refreshing wind to waft down the pike in a large while --- it's safe to say things are turning out pretty much the way I thought they would. That is, when the rest of the world is figured into the equation, and not just you, we are far far better off with Trump as president than Hillary Clinton.

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  1. OK I'll relax. I've not liked neocons since Wolfowitz promised Congress invading Iraq wouldn't cost us a dime because we'd be controlling all those oil wells and the people would flock to our side.
    p.s. I also like the painting....:)