Friday, February 17, 2017

The Obama Legacy

Federal Reserve figures for 4th quarter 2016, Obama's last, show Americans deeper in debt, back where they were during the great recession, especially students whose debt has set another record.

But the "Obama Legacy" isn't that during his tenure Americans' economic situation worsened in terms of rising debt, declining living standards and wealth and income inequality that are at record highs. It's not that Americans were thrown out of their homes at rates that topped 1 million per month sometimes while Wall Street got bailed out and was lavished with years of quantitative easing that went straight into the pockets of the tiny minority who own the vast majority of stocks. Obama's legacy isn't his seven wars, the hundreds of thousands he killed, the extrajudicial assassinations by drone, the massive increase in domestic spying, the vastly expanded new powers he added to the imperial presidency.  The Obama legacy is that liberals sat on their asses and said nothing. It's that they wanted more of it under Hillary Clinton.

But Trump, they say. Trump. Trump.

What about Trump? He's hit a stone wall everywhere he's turned because people we the people are angry, and Democrats and Republicans and even judges are frightened by the peoples' ire and have pushed back against Trump, and unlike it was during the Obama years the media has become one giant fact checker and is finally doing its job. So Trump is on the run, because liberals and all kinds of people who sat idly by all those years are finally awake and in the streets and in airports and picking up their phones and sending emails.

But Trump. Trump. American democracy. That's all a liberal can say because they've done nothing about the family debt and student debt Americans ran up under Obama, or his wars, his Cold War escalations, the living standards that declined, the utter abandonment of workers by Democrats. Liberals have nothing to say because they've never even thought about any of it, and they won't. They're a broken record repeating Trump, Bernie Sanders, Comey, Russia, Trump, Trump, Trump.


  1. In my book the Obama legacy is and will be that he got us out of the financial crises that was created by the George W. Bush administration. That could have been disastrous. It was rough, very rough, but we as a country got through it. Tat being said, the continuous state of war that we seem to have gotten into since 9/11/2001 is going to bankrupt the country if we are not careful. Our continuing support of Israeli policies are causing hatred towards the U.S.and costing trillions in treasure and lives. All this while we fight Israeli wars for them. it seems like arming them is not enough, we have to fight their wars for them.

  2. It's true that Obama made America safe for bankers again after the Shrub recession of 2008. The benefits of the economic recovery went mostly to the top 1% of Americans. Most Americans feel they've been sinking or at best treading water for a very long time now.

    That's not to say that workers wouldn't have benefited more if Republicans hadn't terminated the infrastructure jobs program that Democrats passed early during the Obama administration -- but why did Democrats lose power to the Republicans in the 2010 election? It's because they were so eager to pass a healthcare reform package that benefited insurers more than patients. They didn't even press that hard for a public option, let alone pursue what American workers really need -- a single-payer universal national healthcare system that takes for-profit private insurers out from between patients and their healthcare providers.

    Good point, New Mexican, about our coddling of Israel and our expensive, on-the-credit-card, wars. Our great, great grandchildren will be paying for those.